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sarNie Oldmaid
i like it but the night was not hot like i thought. don't mind, i'm sure you'll add one for me :lol:
good job whiteflakes and god knows that i don't like son and mos


sarNie Adult
i like it but the night was not hot like i thought. don't mind, i'm sure you'll add one for me :lol:
good job whiteflakes and god knows that i don't like son and mos
hmmm... to tell you the truth, i don't know if this story will have any hot scenes, b/c it's suppose to be a simple/sweet story. plus, i'm very skeptical about writing one because i don't have the experience. granted, i read hundreds of romance novels, but i always find myself blushing and heating up even reading it. lol. i guess i am a embarrass to write something like that. however, i'll try to incorporate it into this story the best way i can.

maybe you girls can give me some pointers. i've already read ONE Night a Week and Two night a Week from sarN. i really like her style, but i'm a little shy with writing something like that.

and yes...i'll put in one or two, just for you, k? ^_^


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this is good. love the storyline of mos and best.
can't wait to read what will happen next.


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if you don't write a hot scene, they can have a baby? i love baby :wub:
haha. why else do you think i made Best pregnant? lol.

how abou this? help me pick out a name for the baby as a make up for the hot scene? i will try to put in one, but it would prob. come later. :)


- Marina ♥
wow.., their first meet. :)
somehow i could feel myself smiling throughout the whole chapter.
Vill and Gun are good friends, I see.
hehe.., I can already see that Nalin likes Gun.
Gun may sound a bit harsh,
but I know inside, he's sweet :)
im loving this story and each character's personality.
wonder what will happen next... :)


sarNie Oldmaid
i forget to say that i love the poster of this ff, who made it? it's a very good job


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i forget to say that i love the poster of this ff, who made it? it's a very good job
thank you. i made the poster. E.lusive F.lame is my art creation name. planning to start a website for that. i'm glad you like it.


sarNie Oldmaid
if you start a website for your creations, don't forget to give me the url. i really want to see your artworks


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if you start a website for your creations, don't forget to give me the url. i really want to see your artworks
i will definitely let you know. plus, i will probably put the link on my sig.

i used to have two websites, but i became so busy to mantain it, so i was forced to take it off. i remember it was a lakorn gallery with hq pix. maybe i'll start it again. just this time, i'll keep it on.


I've been reading this, very slowly. LOL. So far after reading chapter 1, I'm really liking it (reminds me of one of my upcoming FF with the pra'ek being a singer and his attitude wise ^_^ ) Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on all of your chapters before you update again. LOL.


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i like this. so sad that she Nalin caught her hubsand with her best friends tsk tsk. I can't wait to read about Vill & Son relationship :D


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I'm doing a three chapter updates for you gals today. :) It's been so long and I know you guys are getting very impatient with all that waiting. So here they are. Keep in mind while you were reading that I wrote this around two in the morning without much sleep. LOL. Yep, it's all the editing that's been taking this long...along with me taking time off from the net so I can enjoy the hot sun here in New England. To make it short, even with some editing I feeel that there is something missing from this chapter and the next one. But since rewriting the chapters will keep me away longer, I decided to just wing it and let you enjoy. :) But don't histitate to tell me if there is something odd in this chapter or the next.

Chapter 5: Unwelcomed Guest and One Unhappy Host


Gun stared at the girl. She is an idiot or what? It was obvious from her pale face that she hadn’t eaten anything last night. Anyone would have eaten first before leaving. Instead, she decided to leave first. “Got it?”
She nodded.

“Then eat!” Gun didn’t know that he raised his voice until she noticed that she flinched. Damn, he didn’t mean to be that loud. That’s all her fault. She’d had been a thorn on his foot since he found her last night.

He watched as she tried to pull the bowls from the bento. Unfortunately, her fingers are shaking causing and the bento was in danger of tumbling over. Cursing under his breath, he brushed her hands aside and did it himself. He placed the rice bowls in front of her and set the others bowls in the middle of the table. “Now eat.”

She nodded and stared at the food with hungry eyes. Yet, she made no move to eat. Gun wanted to scream. What’s the matter with her? “Now what?”

She swallowed and made eye contact with him. “It—it smelled disgusting.”

“What?” He couldn’t believe his ears. The food smells fine to him. “Are you crazy? There’s nothing wrong with it. Vill just made it this morning.”

“But it does smell,” she tried to convince him. “Can you not smell it?”

Gun mentally counts backward from one hundred to prevent himself from throwing his anger at her. Please, would somebody save him? “That’s it. You will either eat it or get out? You pick one? I don’t have time for this. This is my day off. I don’t want to spend it taking care of a pest.”

She was quiet for a moment. Gun found himself becoming more annoyed by the second until she suddenly stood up and kowtowed to him. “I—I’m sorry. I’ve never to mean to bother you,” She looked down at the food. “And—and your wife. I—I will repay you for your hospitality.”

Irritated, frustrated, and angry, he rose up from his chair and grabbed her shoulder. “One,” he stuck out on his forefinger in front of her face. “I don’t need your money. Two.” He stuck out another finger. “You didn’t bother me. I was forced to take care of you. There’s a difference. Three—I’m not married! Get that straight into your head.” He looked down at the food sitting on the table and shoved her on the chair as gentle as he could. “Now eat. Before you make me anymore angry than I already am.”

She nodded and sat down, his obvious impatient startling her. He watched as she picked up the spoon with her trembling hand, then spooning the fried egg into the rice bowl. He didn’t miss how her hand is unsteady and the grimaced that showed on her face as she sniffed the food. Rich girls, he thought. He watched her eating a few bite.

Suddenly, her already paled face grew into whiter shade, and she dropped the spoon as if she was scald by fired and rushed out of her chair to hover over the sink. It wasn’t until he heard her urped that he realized that she was throwing up. Quickly, he went over to her and patted her back. “Are you okay?”

She didn’t reply. Instead, she continued to throw up into the sink. Feeling helpless, Gun watched as she did so while holding her hair back and rubbing her back. Just as he was starting to feel useless, he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned his head to find Vill standing there with a box of tissue in her hand. She gestured him aside and took his place beside the ailing woman.

“Gun, get me some medicated oil,” she commanded over her shoulder. Grateful for a helping hand, Gun quickly went out of the room for the medicine cabinet.

----------About two hours later--------------

There are times when Gun wonders why he had chosen a career as a cop. For one thing, it is low salary. The other, there’s just not enough time for himself. And then there’s number three: people tend to think he’s a saint because of his badge.

The formers he doesn’t mind. After all, his parent had left him enough to support the rest of his life, plus wife and kids. As for time to himself, he has too much time on his hand anyway. Why not use it on good cause? It’s the latter that bothers him.

As he found himself preparing his uncle’s old bedroom for his new housekeeper, he tried to remember how Vill talked him into agreeing to let Nalin stays at his house. When she had brought up the subject, he remembered being strictly against it.

“There is no way I’m allowing a woman to live with me,” he argued after she asked him of the favor. “Besides, how would this look to the neighbors, a single man living with a pregnant woman?”

That gave Vill a moment of pause. “Of course it would look bad, but it’s not like people are quick to judge around here. Besides, they have known you from when you were in a cradle. You are not that type of person.” Her face suddenly lit up, an obvious sign that she has something up her sleeve. “Ah! I know. Why don’t Lyn become your housekeeper? That would give her a perfectly good reason to stay at your house.”

He groaned. There’s no point arguing when he knew he already lost. Vill is a very persistence woman when she has a reason to be. This is one of those times.


Gun forced down a smile as he remembered the conversation afterward. It was a wonder that Vill is loved by everyone. Her kind and warm personally is like a magnet that pulls everyone to her. And he was not immune to it.

Without much debate, he decided to give his new “employee” his deceased uncle’s old room. After his death a few years back, Gun had used the room for storage. Now, after a little tidying up, it stood deserted, with a twin size bed, a wardrobe, and a nightstand that gives the indication that someone used to live here.

Vill seemed pleased b the room when she first saw it, but suggested that it should be dusted before occupying. The she gave him that’s-your-job look earning herself a frown from him. Now she is making him clean for his employee?

She guessed his thoughts, he assumed when she gave him an all-too-pleasant smile. “Lyn is pregnant. She can do some cleaning and everything, but dusting is unhealthy. I’ll help you as soon as I get out of work, but in the meanwhile, why don’t you get started so there won’t be much to do when I come to help.” Then she gave him that finality look and stalked out of the him.

Gun had shook his head as he watched her disappeared down the stairs. When had she became his mom?

Feeling a presence by the door, he quickly finished making the bed. “This is where you will be your room for the time being. Vill said she will be bringing some extra blankets and clothes for you soon.” He sighed when he heard no response. Women. He rose from the bed and faced her.

She stood timidly by the door, staring at him. Those big wary eyes made him felt a little guilty for treating her so unkindly. But only a little. It’s her fault that she picks a bad moment to intrude into his life. She licked her lips and started to speak, her eyes roaming around the room. Anywhere but him. “I’m sorry to intrude into your house like this. Trust me, I wish there is some other way, but—but I’m sorry. If you don’t want me here, I won’t. I promise. I’ll just go around the town and see if there is living quarters available.”

“There isn’t.”

Her forehead furrowed. “Really?”

Gun crossed his arms. “This is not a big town. Trust me, if there is a place available, I would know.”


Seeing her wary demeanor made him wondered what happened to her. Where is her husband? Or better yet, where is her boyfriend? Gun had been working long enough to know that most women don’t marry around her age these days. He guessed she is to be in her early or mid twenties. Did she run away from her family because of the pregnancy? He wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case. After all, his office is swarming with papers of missing young ladies who ran away because of unplanned pregnancies. In most cases, they got knocked up by their careless boyfriends who left them as soon as he finds out she is carrying, leaving them to deal with the wrath of their parents.

“Where is your boyfriend?” he found himself asking.

“I’m sorry?” she asked, startled by the question.

“Your boyfriend. The father of your child,” he elaborated for her.

The question must have struck a chord. She suddenly becomes distance. “He’s not my boyfr—he’s home, I believe.”

He raised an eyebrow. “And he let you come out alone? Isn’t he worried?”

“No. Why would he?” she asked, her voice tight with emotions.

Not missing the change in her voice, he can easily conclude that something was amiss in the relationship, whether they are married or not. He found himself wondering what happened. Did they have a nasty fight? Because of her? The baby? Or another reason?

Looking at her face, Gun suddenly wanted to drop the conversation, seeing how it is starting to affect her. What right does he have to pry anyway? It’s not his business. But that doesn’t mean he want to deal with an angry boyfriend –or husband— showing up at his doorstep demanding for his wife either. A guy can get into some nasty trouble if he is not careful. Besides, the fact that he is a cop puts him in a worst spotlight. “I just have one question. Will there be any chance, any at all, that your boyfriend would show up here and—”

“No,” she cut him off. “He will not. We—we’re splitting up. He wouldn’t come here anyway. So there’s no problem—if that is what you’re worrying about.”

He nodded. “That’s good.”

The room became quiet and awkward as both parties didn’t know what to say next. Gun pinched his nose and occupied his time by looking around the room. “The room is just about ready. After some dusting, you can move in here”

“Thank you,” she said from behind him. “Umm—you don’t have to dust the room. I can do that. It’s not that bad. I’ll just have to make sure I don’t breathe in the stuff.”

He arched an eyebrow. Is she trying to get on his good side? “Vill is right. You can’t do that.” Turning to face her, he took a deep breath and placed his fists on his hip. “Look, since we’ll be living in the same house, I might as well make something clear.” He waited till she gave him her full attention, which wasn’t long. When she made eye contact with him, he continued. “First of all, your duty is just to take care of the house. Therefore, I would appreciate it if you mind your own business as I will do yours. Understand?” She nodded. “Second. I’m a cop. I am busy day in and out, especially lately. So I don’t want any trouble from you. Got it?” She nodded again.

Feeling that he hadn’t his point across, Gun leaned down to level eye contact with her. “Remember. I want you to mind your own business and to not cause any trouble that will further annoy me. Understand?”

“I—I understand.” She stuttered.


As I am submitting this chapter, I couldn't shake off the feeling that there is something missing in this chapter. But for the life of me, I don't know what. Let me know if you find something. Even authors needs help sometimes. :) Off to finalize the next two. Should be up in a couple of hours.


sarNie Granny
I don't know what you're missing, I thought it was a really good update.
Although she showed up from nowhere, Gun could have been a little bit nicer...so happy that Vill convinced him to let her stay ^^
Thanks for the update!


sarNie Adult
Rahut Thanks for your comment. And I know what you mean about Gun, but I his character is the type that doesn't wear nice on his sleeve, although he is very kind and gentle at heart. At this point of their story, it's just that he'd been frustrated with his *lonely* life and didn't really know it at the time. Besides, she did intrude into his life at a bad time, so it's normal for him to resent her. Especially when she is forced upon him out of nowhere. So what can I say? LOL. But i promise that you'll come to love him later on.

All that's aside, here the next update.


“Thank you for picking me up.” Vill leaned back in her seat and sighed. “I can’t believe she cut out on me again. This is not the first time.”

Ton chuckled. “Don’t get mad. It’s not her fault this time. Her plane was delayed. It’s not like it was in her power to make it late.”

Although Vill was tempted to say otherwise, she had to agree with his point.
Her older sister Pan isn’t the type to keep appointments. Granted, she is kind and generous. But organized, she is not. Her character is very spontaneous as she tends to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. There are times when she drives everyone around her crazy. And this is one of those times.

Pan is three years older than Vill. Every since childhood, Pan had exhibit an independent streak that constantly drives their parent crazy. When she was nineteen, she declared to everyone that she will no longer be studying business but will be switching her major to archaeology. The result was a chaos in the family. After all, this was not the first time their precious daughter had a change of heart on her major, as in everything else. Her parents had threw their hands up and declared that Pan was a lost cause. How were they able to pay for everything when she constantly changed her mind?

Amidst the frustrations and chaos, no one noticed that Pan had charmed her way into a well-to-do exchanged-student from America and won his heart. It didn’t take them long to announce their engagement, with a wedding following soon after. Finally, Pan made her final surprise to the family—which wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone—and informed everyone that she will be continuing her education in American with her husband and his family.

At first, everyone was skeptical about the marriage and was afraid that there may be trouble in the coming. After all, what can guarantee that Pan will not have reacted to the marriage as she has in everything else? Fortunately, her brother-in-law turned out to be just what Pan need; a strong shoulder to lean on—and a strong hand to keep her in line.

A smile formed upon her lips. Today, Pan is happy. Her marriage is still strong, according to her parents who had visited them a few months back. And Vill is happy for her sister.

Unfortunately, today she wants to strangle her sister. After many planned trip and unplanned cancelations, Pan managed to catch a flight from California to Bangkok, which was schedule to arrive three hours ago. After waiting for an hour, and countless questions at the information desk, Vill finally got a phone call from her eccentric older sister.

“I’m sorry, Vill, for not telling you. But my flight got delayed on the way. My flight makes a stop in Hong Kong, which at the moment is having a huge storm. They announce that there will be no-fly until the storm stops,” Pan explained. Vill sighed and imagined her sister sitting at a coffee shop at the airport looking not a bit affected by all this. Why, she even sounds cheerful on the phone. Pan is the type of women who doesn’t let bad things get to her. She always makes the best of it. It’s the best part of her—and sometimes times the most annoying also. “And in my case, the storm might last until tomorrow. I’m sorry, sweetheart.”

“And when were you informed about the no-fly delayed?” Vill asked.

She felt her sister cringed on the other line. “Oh, about two hours ago. Hey! Don’t get mad, Vill. It’s not my fault I didn’t call you. My cell was…well, it was in my bag. And you know how forgetful I am.”

Vill rolled her eyes. “You could’ve at least thought about the little sister who is waiting for you.”

“Well, I am sorry. I really am. Blame it on my starvation. I tell you, there’s nothing worth eating on that plane. I practically starved myself on it. The first thing I did when I got off the flight was heading straight for McDonalds. McDonalds, Vill! I was so hungry I swallowed a triple stacked burger whole! And it gets worst, I even ordered...”
And her sister went on and on about the food she had and what she did after, forgetting why they even talked about it in the first place. Soon Vill eventually forgot about her anger toward her sister.

Sighing, Vill forced herself to think about the present. “I have to be back tomorrow to pick her up,” she informed as they turned into the highway. “Why sisters had to be so annoying?”
Ton chuckled.

Vill sat up, alerted. “You know, scratch that. Only Pan is annoying. My other sisters don’t annoy me as much.”

Ton smiled. “That’s because they’re younger than you. Plus, you are a teacher. You have patients with these kinds of annoyance.
As for your older sister…well, I can’t really say. She’s just eccentric.”

“She’s one of a kind, I’ll tell you that,” Vill said. Ton nodded in agreement.

They sat in silence for a few more moments until Ton reminded her that his parent invited her for dinner.

“Oh, I totally forgot about that,” Vill said, surprised that she had forgotten something as important as this. She looked at her watched. “Oh my, it’s eight pm. Is it too late?”

Ton laughed. “Relax. We’re not late. Dinner at my house is at nine.”

They arrived at the Ton’s mansion with ten minutes to spare. His parents greeted them at the front door. Vill kowtowed and exchange greetings with them. After exchanging pleasant conversations, they went to the dining room, where the servants were setting the table.

Mr. and Mrs. Chayathorn are very polite individuals who treated everyone as an equal, although they are have wealth and privilege. Since knowing them, Vill had never felt uncomfortable in their present or anything less than happy. They treated her like their very own daughter, always ready to help whenever they can. Mrs. Chayathorn especially loved having Vill over on many occasions. Many times, she would bring her along to social events attend only by the upper class. Although Vill had lacked for nothing at home, she still understands that her family is only of an average class.

Mr. Chayathorn is the CEO of Chayat Enterprise, a big company that specializes in everything from domestic goods to overseas resorts. Anyone who knows of the enterprise also know that everything was built from scratch, as Mr. Chayathorn is a self-made man who was once just a simple son of a butcher in an unknown town. He had built his empire from his own sweat and blood, until it became what it is today. It was no wonder why everyone respects and look up to him.

And, since he is hoping to pass everything to his only son, Ton is working under his father, overseeing responsibilities that would soon be his. So far, Ton excels in it, much to Mr. Chayathorn’s pride. But that didn’t mean that Ton had it easy either.
Although Ton was born into a gold mine, he was raised as if he was a middle class person who has to hard earn everything. Everything Ton wanted, he had to earn it. Anything he need, he must made the effort to achieve it. Hence, his drive to excel in whatever he does and for whatever he wants. Vill guess that it was also this lesion that made Ton into the man he is today.

Mr. Chayathorn had once mentioned to her that he had wanted more for his son to be like him. “But to become a man who can have and achieve anything he wants in this world, one must also know what it likes to not have anything to start with. He must know how to fight for what he wants, earn it himself, not matter how hard it takes. Only then can he appreciate the things he earned, and learn to make something of himself in the process.”

He had smiled at her then. “It’s the same with the people around you. To earn their love and respect, you must first love and respect yourself. And it usually starts with making something of yourself.” He chuckled at her puzzled expression. Mr. Chayathorn is not the best when it comes to teaching things, though his lessons are very valuable. “I’m usually not the best people to explain things of this nature. Usually, I excel at giving orders, but never teaching anything. I say we finish this conversation and go see what your aunty is making in the kitchen. I’m starving.”

Thus, ended the conversation that day. But Vill will never forget it. It wasn’t everyday she gets to learn from one of the most respected man in the country.

Vill’s dinner at the Chayathorn was usually followed by long conversations in the living room, where everyone enjoys deserts and music. Sometimes they even play games together.

That’s why Vill finds it odd that only she and Ton were in the living room together after the meal with his parents nowhere in sight. When asked, Ton told her that his parents are retiring early. He then proceed to bring the conversation to another topic altogether.

Soon, Vill forgets about the oddity of the night, and they ended up talking about Ton’s new plan to open a new school for children whose parents had little money. It was a plan that Vill wholeheartedly agree. After all, being a teacher herself, she understands what it’s like to see parents struggling day by day, just trying to send their children to their first few years in school. Some of them eventually ended up giving up, as their basic needs soon override their desire to see their kids educated.

Their conversation then shifted to a variety of subjects and soon, both were laughing and poking fun at one another as they ended up sharing memories of their past. In the midst of their laughter, Ton took both of her hand in his. It was then that Vill’s earlier suspicion came to past.

“Vill, I know this is somewhat unexpected,” he started, looking into her eyes. “But I want to tell you again of what you already know.”

Vill’s heart sank. “Ton...” He held his hand up.

“No, Vill. I know what you are about to say,” he said, determination set in his eyes. “But please hear me out. You won’t regret it. I promise.”

She kept silent as she watched him gathering his courage together. His grip on her hand is tighter. He searched her eyes. “Vill, I love you. I’ve loved you from the beginning. Ever since I saw you in that library looking lost and frustrated, I’ve knew that you were the one. Now, I know what you’re thinking. That this is too early or that this thing between is us is impossible.”

He held her hand to his chest. He leaned closer. “But it’s not. I’m here, and you’re here. The important thing is that we share a special bond. And I know that you don’t think we suit as a couple, but I promise that it will work. I know that if you give me a chance—give us a chance—you’ll realize that you love me too. Just as I love you. Please Vill. Please say you’ll give me a chance.” He pulled her hand up to his lips and pressed a kiss on the back of her hand, his eyes never leaving her.

“Ton...” she started, but found that she didn’t know what to say.

How many times had he proposed to her? This is the third time already. What will it takes for her to make him understand that she doesn’t love him? At least not in the sense he was thinking.

She has always admired and respected him since the beginning. He had treated her with respect, and always come to her needs and she will always be grateful for such a good friend. But she knows her heart well, and what they shared together isn’t love. Not what they have.

Oh why does it have to be like this? And with her closest friend?

Sighing, Vill carefully extricate her hand, avoiding eye contact with him. “You’re making things very difficult for me, Ton.” She finally said. Closing her eyes, she gathered her own set of courage.

“I had said this to you before,” she started, opening her eyes and staring directly into his. “The answer will always be no.” A frown appeared on his forehead, his eyes with disappointment. “No matter how many times you ask, it will be no. I just don’t feel the same way about you. I cherish our relationship, and I care about you. But that kind of love is just not a part of the package. I don’t love you that way.”

She glanced down as his fist and covered it with her own. She offered him a grim smile. “Let just say we call this the end of it?” she suggested. “Give up, Ton. There are better girls out there. I’m just not the one. One day you’ll believe me one that, I promise.”

He didn’t reply.

Trying to think of something to change the subject, she stood up and walked over to the window. Folding her arms across her midriff, she stared at the darkened sky. “It’s getting late. I should be getting home, don’t you think?”

She heard Ton getting up and coming to stand behind her. She closed her eyes and sighed as he reached for her upper arm and turned her to face him. He stared into her eyes, searching for the very thing she doesn’t have for him. “I’m not giving up, Vill. I know that you are capable of loving me the way I love you. But until you realize that—or ends up loving someone one day—I will never stop trying.”


“Like you said,” he cut her off. “I know my own heart. So whatever I do with my heart, it’s my choice. And my path is chasing you until the end. Okay?” He sends her a charming smile. “Now, let’s get us on our way.”

Vill couldn’t suppress a smile as he disappeared out the door. He is his father’s son.


This was a very interesting chapter for me to write. Not only was I introducing Ton's parent, I was brining Vill and Ton's relationship to another level. Unfortunately for me, I have to make Vill say no. After all, you all know she is getting paired up with Son. Right? Ton's parents won't be appearing much in the story. In fact, this is probably the only time I write of them. But I just want to give a little background for Ton and have you readers understands why he cherishes a woman like Vill...and his will to win her. Hehe. I hope you enjoy it. Next up: Vill's story.


sarNie Granny
I suppose I should give Gun a chance to ease his way in to showing me his good side.

Awwwww poor Ton, but it's better that she rejected him now and tell him where she stood in her feelings for him before it keeps going. Ton's parents are so nice, I like how even though they have money, they taught their son that in order to succeed, you must put in the effort. I like Pan's character, is she going to be in this story more or is she here so there was a reason why Vill will meet Son?


sarNie Adult
Rahut, I'm glad you're giving Gun a chance. I'm sure you're going to love him as I do. :) Anyway, as for Pan's character, I haven't really decided as I just invented her character when I was writing the previous chapter. At first, she was just Vill's friend who was returning from vacation and was somehow evolved into an eccentric and spontaneous older sister. LOL. I really had fun writing her character. She is very different from the ones I used to write. As for how offen she appears, I hadn't planned on keeping her. But as I summarzing the plot for the story, I realized that she may prove to be useful, especially with Gun and Nalyn, who will be needing a mediator in the coming chapter. Who knows? :rolleyes:


There are many things that can be said about the life of a superstar. When you first started, there was a big excitement you feel along with a huge desire to do better than you ever done before. When you become famous, the excitement reached its peaks and you find yourself giving your best effort, having loved that glamour and fame. When you eventually become stressful, it’s the encouragement of your fans and the welfare of your career that keeps you going.

But eventually, after spending years in that life, the things that kept you going will no longer suffice. The excitement—there isn’t much to be excited anymore. You got your fame and glory, what else is there to it? The fans? There’s only so much love they bestow upon you until a scandal destroyed their devotion or a new star comes along. As for the career? How much more money do you want when there’s enough in your bank account to last two lifetimes?

Taking care to pull the hood over his head, Son headed from the arrival gate toward the grand escalator that leads to the exit. Keeping his head bowed while trying not to bump into people, he tried to recall how his life had turn so dull and pointless.

Son can remember the times when he had been so passionate about music. Damn, he is still passionate now. Yet, it didn’t offer him the same feelings as if once had. In fact, it’s pulling on him into a empty darkness that he can’t find his out of. Once, that feeling hadn’t been strong as his passion eclipsed all else and drove him to where he is today. But gradually, it’s starting to eat him away until the passion doesn’t seem to be that important anymore.

He closed his eyes, frustrated that he is thinking about this again. From the beginning, he had known it exactly what it was, from the very moment it started until it became the very thing that no longer drive him. But he had ignored it, pushing it aside and pretended that it was something that will pass away with time. Yet, somedays, that same emptiness becomes so strong that it nearly drove him mad. Yet, he would also be the first to admit that the same emptiness is also the only thing that had kept him up all these years. If only—

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as a lady stumbled out of nowhere and knocked him over. “Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that,” she apologized and quickly tried to help him up. She turned to her friend as she helped him. “See, I told you not to fool around here. This is exactly what I’ve been warning you about.”

“It’s fine,” he said. He quickly brushed himself off. “Thank you.” He started to walk away but the lady pull him back.

“Really. I’m so sorry. Did you hurt yourself in anyway?” she asked. Seriously, he thought as he tried to pull his hood back on. All these questions for just bumping into someone? “Are you really alright? You didn’t hurt yourself did—”

Great. His cover is blown. He knew from experience.

A scream filled the air. “Oh my god! Oh my god! It’s Son. Son Sonpraisan! Ahhhhhh!”

The lady who had her hand on his sweater also realized who he was as she joined her friend in screaming. “Oh my god. I love you! You are amazing! Can I please have your autograph? Please? I’m a big fan of yours!”

And the mob finally starts, he thought. A big crowd started to form around him. If that driver didn’t get here soon, he’ll kill someone for sure. He learned from years ago that it’s better to just stand and give signatures until someone comes to rescue him than trying to run away in a big crowd, especially if he plans on getting back to his suite in one piece. Where is that damn driver?

-----------In the meanwhile...------------

Vill looked at her watch. Twenty minutes. Where is her sister? After yesterday’s disaster, Vill decided to keep it safe and arrive five earlier than the schedule arrival rather than arriving an hour early and ended up waiting longer. Like yesterday.

And she doesn’t feel a bit guilty about it. After all, she deserves her just desert for making her wait for nothing yesterday. Some older sister she is. Her plane had arrived twenty minutes ago and her sister is nowhere to be found. She is not answering her phone. The only thing Vill received from her was a text message telling her to wait by the main escalator.

She sighed. Her sister is probably occupied again. In a shop. Somewhere. Seriously, this will be the last time she is picking up her sister. Next time, she’s making her younger sister do it.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Vill heard shrieking and yelling. She looked around her and didn’t find anything. Then she noticed that some of the people are staring up at something in the floor above them. Looking up, she noticed a pretty big crowd is forming—and cornering—a tall looking man by the handrail.

As she watched, she noticed that the people were all excited and demanding things from the man. She shook her head and chuckled. It must be a celebrity. That’s not unusual around here. Celebrities get mob here all the time. She scanned around the crowd. Hmm, no guards. A frown formed on her forehead. What kind of celebrity goes around without bringing at least one guard? Must be very stupid of him.

Curious to see who it is, she peered up at him. The next thing she knew, she was flat on her back on the floor. “Umph!”

“Oh! Sorry. Watch where you are going,” a lady told her and helped her up. “I know seeing Son Sonpraison in real life is exciting, but that doesn’t mean you don’t watch for your well being. Be careful!”

The woman was already running up the escalator before she finished her sentence, excited to grab her change of an autograph. But Vill didn’t pay any heed. She was too busy staring up at the man busy signing the endless supply of paper and items being push at him.

Her chest pounded. Is it really him? She walked closer to the escalator, to see him closer. Her eyes got misty as they made out his details. It is him... she can recognize him anywhere. A million thoughts flew into her mind.

“Khun Son…” she whispered.

Son paused his signing as he felt an odd sensation running down his back. He knew that someone is staring at him. He is willing to bet any money on it. But had it been any normal sensation, he would have ignored it. After all, he is a superstar and he is used to being stared at all the time.

This is different.

Thoughts and memories that were buried for so long flashed into his mind as he looked around in search for its source. Please, God. The people around him looked at him oddly, but he paid them no heed. Please. The sensation pricked at the back of his neck again. This time, he was prepared and the turn directly in its direction, which happened to be one floor down from where he was standing. Gripping the handrail, he searched the faces on the bottom floor until it finally meets with a pair of familiar eyes.

Son stood rooted to the spot, afraid to make any move. Bai!

At that very moment, everything else eroded into nothing, leaving only the two of them. They stared at one another, making no movement nor a sound. Words and feelings were exchanged in that one moment, although no one talked or moved.

Please don’t make her disappear, he begged, as if this is just a dream he had and waking up would destroy everything. If it were, he didn’t want to wake up. Ever.

As if they have a will on its own, his feet started for the escalator, his eyes running back and forth between her and the stair. Please don’t disappear. Not when I found you again.


Had anyone told her that she’ll see him today, she would have laughed.

Had anyone told her that they’ll be running against a huge crowd of people just to reach one another, she would have declared it impossible.

Had anyone told her that for a moment, time had existed as if only she and he were the only two in the world, she would have never believed it.

But time changed.

Khun Son! She pushed against the crowd of people as she run up the escalator. Not fast enough.

She pushed and excused herself to all the people as she passed. Some yelled at her. Others cursed while some stepped aside and let her pass. She ignored the yellers and the cursers but thanks the ones who let her pass.

A few minutes ago, the escalator didn’t seem that long and slow. Now it seems miles longs and slower than any creatures on the land. Climbing it seems like a Hercules’ task. Tears formed in her eyes. Please. I just want to see him. Just once more. Please.

She begged and prayed as she climbed, her eyes scanning the crowd for any sight of him. Even a glimpse is fine. Just one more glimpse.

As soon as she reached the top, she pushed through the crowd of people searching for him. Where is he? She knew that he is looking for her too. She can feel it. She saw it in his eyes. I’m coming for you.

She paused and turned around scanning each faces as they passed her. Please.

The crowd started to disperse and thin. Faces stared at her but none were his.

Where are you? A sob erupted from her throat and she put a fist over her mouth. “Khun Son, where are you?” she whispered.


One of my favorite chapters. I bet you gals been waiting for this one too. lol. This will probably be the shortest chapter as it only took me about three pages on MS Word. I kinna wanted to add Pan in this chapter but i think that would probably ruin the moment and atmosphere of the chapter.

Let me know what you think. :D

BTW, I added an important note at the bottom of the first post (on the first page). Please read.


sarNie Granny
I hope you do Pan into the story because Vill will be preoccupied with her own story that someone needs to nudge Gun into becoming the man he is deep inside.

OoOO I loved this chapter too, it was sweet. I agree, Pan appearing in this chapter would have ruin the moment between those two.
I especially love the first two paragraphs. I wonder if some stars really feel that way, because some do push themselves so hard in order to keep their fans happy--lots of pressure on them.

As for your note: Heehee I read the whole story anyways. I like both love stories, but as of right now, I'm liking Gun's love story a little more because he intrigues me now.