200 Pounds Beauty


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I haven't seen any good Korean movie lately, but this looks really good. is it out yet?
Movie : 200 Pounds Beauty / Mi-nyeo-neun Gwae-ro-wo / 미녀는 괴로워
Year : 2006
Country : South Korea
Director : Kim Yong-Hwa
Starring: Kim A-Jung (Han-Na/Jenny), Ju Jin-Mo(a), Seo Yun(a)
Runtime : 120 Minutes
Rating : 7.5

Plot Synopsis : Han-Na is a very big girl with a warm heart. She is also gifted with an unbelievable voice from God. Han-Na has always wanted to be a pop-singer, but due to her appearance, could only work as a faceless singer. She provides the vocals for a popular singer named Ami, a beautiful young lady that can’t carry a note to save her life.

Also, Han-Na is in love with Ami’s music producer, Sang-June, but it is a one-sided love. One day, Han-Na is invited to Sang-June’s birthday party and receives a red dress from him to wear to his party. Han-Na is excited, yet scared. The dress is revealing and quite extravagant. With her very large figure, she is not sure if she could wear such an outfit. She does eventually go to the birthday party in the red dress, but is mortified when petite Ami appears in the same red dress. During the course of the birthday party, Han-Na absorbs more emotional trauma and she simply disappears……..

One year later, after Han-Na’s extreme makeover (major plastic surgery), Han-Na takes on a new identity and becomes Jenny. Jenny has a near perfect body and face. Nobody recognizes her, even her best friend. Meanwhile, the producer Sang-Jung is searching for a replacement singer for Ami, but can’t find anyone close to the talents of Han-na. Han-na as Jenny, now comes back into the picture and auditions for the job. Sang-Jung is immediately floored by her. She has the absolute beauty and that stunning voice. Soon afterwards, her dream that Sung-June will fall in love with her, is about to come true. Unfortunately, Ami is now jealous of her and feels threatened by her sudden success. She researches into Jenny’s background and comes up with the truth about her true identity. Will this ruin Jenny’s career?


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i will have to say, this does look like a good movie......whenever it come out, i am buying it.....thank for the info


1TYM hwaiting!
I love the "Maria" song by the main girl. ^_^ It's really good...a lot better than the original...but yes, the movie does look interesting. :D


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ahaha..interesting plot..i didn't read the full synopsis..but the cover already got me all hype up..plus the box office HIT in korea..plus the HOT JOJINMO..i can't complain much..really cant' wait..


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watched it...love the movie n its theme...

uncomfortable but true...people judge others partly by outside appearance


this movie was soooo good ! i love it! kim ah joong so perfect ..she can sing really good & act. that's really her singing right?
and joojiinmoo is REALLY hot. SO SO HOT when he slammed his glass..well i hope this isn't a spoiler o_o lol tho hes not so photogenic tho =/ LOL
it has a good msg and theme.. made me cry near the end & at this other part lol


Lakornaddict ;)
I loved it!

it was very funny and sad too. You guys should definitely watch this one.


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OMG I just finish the movie...


I love it <3

Kim Ah Joong I didn't know her... now I'm a FAN !!
Her acting was awesome and her cutie voice she can really sing otokeeee !!!
I can't believe she played both person... she's awesome !!
I hope she will become a singer soon lol

And the guy is sooooooo handsome !!!

I'm so in love with them mouhaha :wub:

Btw no kiss in the end -_-


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I was watching this movie on the Korean Air airplane while coming back Thailand (switch plane in Korea). This movie is kinda sad and very funny too. The main leads are both hot and good looking. If you have not seen it better get off your butt and go rent it. Trust me it is worth a couple of dollars.