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Here is a few spoilers for the upcoming chapter.

1. Monthai shows up, putting Harit feelings to the test. Hehe, his rival is finally here.
2. Bpee met Monthai for the first time.
3. More development on Monthai's feeling toward Soriya.

Hey guys...sorry for taking so long on this story. But I figure I have to get going on this story. Else you gals will feel so left out of this one.

Note: I've decided to focus the story just on the main couple now, so don't be surprise if I don't mention the side that much. BTW, I will be updating the chapter on my site first and then post it here after a week. Don't worry, I'll let you guys know when it is up.


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omo.. i just realized u changed ur name.. hehe..
btw.. ur site looks really gooood.. too XD..
haha. i changed it last night when i caught darvil in the chatroom. i planned for it to be soriya by itself but then it was already taken.

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^ oh really? i'd love to help then ^______^

& i know.. Darvil is such a nice person ^_^ hehe..
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Chapter Five

It’s not like she is of any importance. She just happens to be his little sister’s best friend…and once a girl who used to have a crush on him. So why does it make him unease when he heard that she have moved on?

He paused his writing and closed his eyes. “It’s nothing but an infatuation. I no longer love your brother.” Her words echoed in his ears, replaying again and again. “I no longer love him.”

She shouldn’t have affected him. Nor should her words. So why can’t he stop thinking about her? Setting his pen aside, he stood and crossed over to the window.

It had been three months since the day he overheard their conversation. Their lives were also moving in separate circles now. They hardly meet anymore. The last he had seen her was that she had travel to the country to see her nanny. She had stopped by to bid farewell to Thawan and Min. His parents weren’t home, so she left her regards.

They had met briefly in the hall that day. He remembered being able to be pleasant with her, even managing to wish her a warm farewell and safe trip. She had given him a brief smile and thanked him before going on her way.

Briefly, Harit remembered that he had seen her again a few times after that. His eyes wander out the window until they rested in front of a small flower shop across the street from his office. The building was originally an old tailor shop ran by an elderly couple. Now it was bought and renovated into a beautiful florist shop that attracts many from around the area. But then again, the owner is also skilled and experienced, her work winning praises among both the middle and upper class, that it wasn’t much of a surprise.

The subject of his thoughts suddenly appeared, stepping out of the front shop with a vase of white roses in her hand. His eyes automatically trained on her. He had caught a glimpse of her a few times after she had purchased the shop but after, he never saw her again. So it was a surprise to see her today, as if his thoughts of her summoned her appearance.

Today she’s dressed in a simple light blye dress that does down to her knees. Her hair was pulled back into a beautiful ponytail, tied together with the same colored ribbon. The look radiated her appeal that would take any men breath away.

A frown burrowed on his brow. Why is he even thinking this way? He doesn’t even like her. He continued to watch as she arranged the white roses alongside other varieties of colors. As she worked, she also spoke to her assistance, a younger woman who helped around the shop. When a costumer comes up to ask questions, she turned to help but then suddenly paused and then directed the customer to her assistance instead.

Harit looked over to the sidewalk and realized why she had done so. With a smile, Soriya walked over toward a car pulling into the driveway. She waited as a man stepped out and crossed over to her. They exchanged greetings and then proceeded to get something out of his trunk.

Having met the man once before, Harit quickly identified him as Monthai Mahatada, a successful businessman that was becoming well known in his social circle. Harit had met him when Min introduced them at a friend’s dinner party.

He recalled that Thawin had informed him that Mahatada was also Soriya’s close friend. She did not fail to mention that the man also has feelings for Soriya.

“I heard that they met in England, having attended the same university. They ended up becoming good friends,” she informed, from their conversation that day. “My friends from there told me that Monthai had always wanted more from the relationship, but Soriya seemed to be oblivious of the fact.”

He raised a brow at her. “How can a woman be oblivious to that?” he had asked.

Thawan shrugged. “For others, maybe they won’t. But Soriya had always considered Monthai as a friend. She told me that herself when I mentioned it. Then again, Soriya is very smart. She must felt something in the relationship. My take is that she knows, but pretends that she doesn’t, since she doesn’t feel the same about him. After all, it’s not that she doesn’t hav—”

She became silent and looked at him, appearing to want to finish. Thinking otherwise, she shook her head and looked away. “Monthai is adamant about the relationship, so I won’t be surprise if something comes out of it. Soriya is a good woman.”

Soriya was now helping Monthai bring out several paintings from the car. They seemed to be debating about the objects, probably about where to place them. The both of them looked very comfortable around each other, joking and chatting happily.

Not wanting to watch for another second, Harit returned to his desk and sat down. Why would a woman be oblivious to a man’s feeling? Certainly not Soriya. He may not like her, but he isn’t a fool to not see her intelligence. And she wasn’t blind either.
And Monthai was radiating all the signs of a man in love.

Oblivious of the man sitting from his office with thoughts about her, Soriya wrapped tissue paper around a beautiful bouquet and handed it to her customer. “Thank you for shopping with us. Please come again.” She watched as the customer thanked her and walked out of the shop.

“I never thought that business would boom so quickly,” came her friend’s voice from behind her. “But then again, other business doesn’t have you for an owner either.”

Soriya smiled at his compliment. “Stop teasing me. Aren’t these costumers recommended by you?” She placed the cash in the register and turned to face him. “Thank you for delivering all those paintings. But you shouldn’t have. I would have picked them up this afternoon.”

Monthai shrugged. “There’s not much to do at my office. And since I was heading in this direction, I thought that I might as well get this over with. I know how busy you are since the shop opened.” He sent her a charming smile. “Why don’t you just let me know where to hang them, instead of standing there complaining about me doing you favors.”

She shook her head, fighting a smile and did so. They had met in England while studying in the same classroom. Because of their common background, and the school’s lack of, it didn’t take long for them to strike up a friendship that lasted to today.

Unfortunately, Monthai had always made it clear that he wants more than that. But she is not interested. Monthai is a great man, but not the one for her.

“Let’s go and have lunch today.” Monthai broke into her thoughts after standing back to admire the painting that he just hung up on the wall.

Soriya came behind him to look at it too. “Can’t. I have to stay and finish up here. I want to get everything neat out by the end of this week.”

“We can always finish it later,” he insisted. “Come on. I’ll help you after lunch.”

She bit her bottom lips, trying to come up with some excuse to put him off. The truth is, she wants to put a little distance in their relationship. And she felt that he is not taking any of the hints she is trying to make. Before returning to Bangkok, she had told him that she wants nothing more in the relationship than being friends. But he had persisted, stopping by her house when she least expected, visiting her country home with her with the excuse that he had relatives close by, then coming back and forth at the shop to help her.

Knowing that he only meant well, she couldn’t fault him for trying to win her heart. If only he knew that her heart is no longer for her to give. That even now, she is fighting with her very being to reconstruct what was left of it…if there is any to even start with.

She was about to say that she couldn’t that day, when he interrupted her. “Did you have other plans?” he asked, without even turning to look at her.



She stiffened. There was no mistakening the voice. She hadn’t seen him for a long time, but she can recognize his voice anywhere. There’s only one man in the world would use her full name. All her friends know her as So, and she was always referred to as Khun So or Khun Soriya by others. Both she and Monthai turned around to find Harit entering the shop.

As usual, he is finely dressed in suit and tie, his manner fine and business like. “I came here to pick you up for lunch.”

Surprised, since she never made such plan with him, Soriya opened her mouth to say as such. But he look he gave her dared her to contradict him. Soriya was speechless. Such arrogant! How dare he comes out of nowhere and declare that he is taking her out without having consulted her first!

When it was the tip of her mind to protest him, she suddenly realized that he is giving her a perfectly good excuse to not go out with Monthai. Didn’t she want a perfect excuse to deny him?

Realizing that the men were waiting for her answer, she quickly turned to Monthai and apologized that she didn’t inform him of her plan. He reluctantly nodded and made an excuse to leave. Soriya watched as Monthai greeted and bid farewell to Harit with a simple handshake and left the shop.

It was moment until Soriya realized that Harit been watching her the whole time. Hestitantly, Soriya curtsied to him, choosing to keep this as business like as she can. After all, she doesn’t think that Harit is really taking her out for dinner. In fact, she is willing to bet that it was all a deliberate act devised to rid of her might-be-lunch-date. “Please take a look around and let me know if you want to buy anything,” she informed and stepped behind her counter.

Somewhere in her mind wanted very much to be angry at him, to hate him more for his devious plot. However, she couldn’t bring herself to as he had inadvertently helped her get rid of Monthai. At least for the day.

Harit stepped in front of her across the counter. “I don’t think you heard me correctly, Soriya. I am here to take you for lunch.”

So arched an eyebrow. “Oh?” she feigned bewilderment. “Correct me if I’m wrong, Khun Harit, but I don’t recall ever making plans with you. Or was it made without my acknowledgement?”

Harit didn’t know what possessed him to get rid of Monthai. He had left his office to get something to eat when he unexpectedly found himself in front of her shop. He was debating whether or not to enter when he heard that Monthai guy asking Soriya out for lunch. It was then when he realized that he was more than irritated with the guy. And he damned himself for feeling so.

What is it about his woman that always had his blood boiling? She’s not even the type that he found attractive. Nevertheless, she always managed to bring out the best in him and it bothers him to the marrow of his bone when he saw other men hovering about her. God help him, he doesn’t even know why.

“Actually,” he drawled, smiling at her. “You did.”

A cute frown burrowed on her forehead. “Enlighten me.” She demanded softly, self-assured that she had done no such thing.

Harit had to school his expression to keep from grinning at her expression. “Hmm, then I must have imaged it when I heard you agreeing with me earlier that we have made such plan. In fact, it was just a moment ago before your friend left.”

Somehow, he managed to keep himself from laughing as her frown became even more incredulous. She opened her mouth and then closed it again. Ahh, he is going to enjoy today very very much.


Chapter Six is coming up...


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OMG it has been so long I had to reread the beginning. Harit is obviously developing feeling for Soraya. I wonder what is going to happen on their lunch date.


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OMG it has been so long I had to reread the beginning. Harit is obviously developing feeling for Soraya. I wonder what is going to happen on their lunch date.
you're right. he is, which he is not supposed to...yet. (cause he was supposed to fall for her in a huge misunderstanding) but i've feel that i should start now instead. am i right? lol.


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Wow, it looks as if everyone wants me to finish this one up. That's fine with me. :)

anyway, Chapter Six is up. [LINK]

It will be posted here after a week. :) Enjoy and comment!


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What a predicament had she found herself in? She had traded a perfectly good lunch companion to one that hated the existed of her very being. She mentally sighed as she found herself sitting across from Harit as he scanned his menu. As a regular costumer, there was no need for her to do so as she knew the menu front and back. She already knew what she wants to order.

Instead, she mentally tried to calculate her chances of leaving the restaurant with her heart intact and not shatter into a million more pieces. She was still trying to put together the damages from her last heartbreak. Why he still has this effect on her even after ten years of not seeing another was out of her comprehension. God knows how hard she tried to be indifferent to him, to keep him out of her thoughts and hopefully her heart. What she doesn’t need was his showing up when she was doing just that.

She frowned. What happened to her resolved to act indifferent? The last time they had met, she had managed to be polite. It was also the first time the both of them to ever share a decent conversation. When she had gone over his house to bid farewell to his family since she was leaving to visit the country, she had bumped into him in the hallway.

So remembered that her heart was racing and she had a hard time struggling for words. However, she somehow managed to keep her tone cool and aloof, bidding him farewell. He, in turned, had bid her a safe trip, in the same polite manner.

She had hoped that would be the start of a new relationship, where they manage to put their past aside and stay polite to one another. So far, it had worked fine. Until he magically appeared out of nowhere and was now sitting across the table from her.

“That friend at the shop…” he started, cutting into her thoughts. “Do you care for him?”

Stunned by his question, So could only stare at him. Did he just ask her if she cared for Monthai? Impossible. She must have not heard right. “P-Pardon?”

He didn’t even look up from his menu. Instead, he shifted into a comfortable position in his chair and repeated the question. This time, just a little louder.

She frowned. “That is a personal question,” she replied cautiously. Why was he interested? What does it even has to do with him?

“I’m asking out of concern,” he explained, as if guessing her thoughts. “Thawan has great affection for you. And since I really don’t like it when she worries about you, I might as well make sure you don’t cause trouble.”

Soriya stared at him. “When have you decided to do that?”

“When I decided that there’s no stopping you and Thawan from being friends,” he answered flatly. “And anything that may concern Thawan also concerns me. This includes you.”

Her frown deepened. It was a moment before she could reply. “No, it doesn’t,” she grounded out.

He shrugged. “You might as well get used to it. I suggest that you watch your step from now on.” Appearing to find what he wanted in the menu, he motioned for the waitress to come.

She glared at him, knowing exactly what he meant by that. “What I do and who I befriend doesn’t have anything to do with you, much less concerns you. You have no right to pry.”

There was a glint in his eyes that sent a chill down her spine when he looked up at her. “For your information, I don’t want to pry. Your business is none of my concern. You can do anything your heart desire and I wouldn’t even blink an eye. Unfortunately, my sister’s well being is my responsibility. If it’s in my power to save her some heartache, I will.”

Soriya was speechless. Her mind screamed for her to protest, but her heart becomes weak at the protectiveness of his sister. Her mind won this round. “I don’t care if your responsibility is to the King himself, but I will not sit here and be cross-examined,” she hissed, growing angrier by the seconds. “I will live my life anyway I want to, see anyone I want to, do what I want to do! And I’ll die before I have to ask for your approval!”

Not aware of raising her voice, she continued opened her mouth to say more but ended up closing it as she noticed the stare from the waitress. She paused and realized that the whole restaurant was starting to stare and whisper.

Harit stayed silent as Soriya paled, realizing that she had caused a scene. She rewarded him with the deadliest look he ever been the recipient of. Then, he watched as she grabbed her purse and stomped out of the restaurant.

He allowed a private smile as he sat back and sipped a glass of wine he had ordered when they first entered. “Bravo,” he whispered and held up the wine glass in silent toast to Soriya. It was a great lunch indeed.

It had occurred to him as they entered the restaurant that he had wanted some kind of interactions with Soriya. Where it came from, he’ll be damned if he knew. But he craved it all the same. In the ended, he purposely irked her on purposed.

Despite little knowledge of her, he had sense that Soriya is no longer the meek and shy little girl who runs to do what others expect of her. In the past ten years, she had bloomed into an independent woman who would rather die than let other control the aspects of her life. She has courage, that woman. That he had always known, even when they were little, but he doesn’t realized how great it was until now.

As arrogant as it seem, Harit still had to admit that he hold big influences and power in the society. Most people, with the exception of his family—who can always managed to bend him at their will one way or another—, always take a step back whenever he was around. And while others strive to gain his opinion and approval, very few dare to challenge him, much less a woman.

But Soriya dared.

And had.

When he made it clear to her that anything pertaining to her will concern him, he expected her to be upset, even angry, and to see her meekly submitted herself to it quietly. But he doesn’t expect her to be furious, nor her outburst—and in front of the public, no less. Soriya, who pride in her even temper, had managed to forget herself in the moment and lashed out at him. Whether it was deliberate or on impulse, both required courage, which she doesn’t lack.

That, he decided, was what he found so interesting about her. Unlike many, she would rather ‘die’—as she put it—than allow him to pry into her life. Yet, a part of him already expected her reactions not be to any different. Even when little—when she was shy and meek— he had always sensed she would challenge him like no other. No wonder he had developed an instant dislike of her.

Swirling the wine in his glass, Harit contemplated his next move. Since he had given up on any chances of ridding her from his life, there was nothing he can do but accept her part in it.

Soriya marched down the street unaware of her destination. All she could think about as she wiped the welling tears from her eyes was how pathetic she looked in front of him. How could she have left without leaving him a piece of her mind? How could she let him get to her?

How could she allow herself another spark of hope when he declared that she concerned him? No, he said that she only concerned him because she is the friend of his sister. So it should hold no meaning whatsoever. Yet, she couldn’t stop herself from hoping. She couldn’t stop herself from hoping once again that he may feel more for her. She had failed at the task.

And it mortified her.

If he manage to do this to her with just the word ‘concern’ out his lips, how could she expect not to be affected by his other action?

She wiped away another tear. Why are you so weak? How you must have looked to him? He must think you’re a weakling!

And God knows how much she doesn’t want that.

Two weeks later, Soriya found herself in another situation, even as she tried to forget the Lunch Disaster, as she came to call that lunch with Harit. When she had received an invitation to Mr. Son WongsoAnn’s home for dinner, she decided to go with Monthai as he had informed her he would be going also.

Unfortunately, she didn’t expect that the Rangsiman family would be there also. As she sat in front of the dinner table, across from Harit, she wondered why she had forgotten the the WongsoAnn and the Rangsiman are great friends.

As conversations made it way around the dinner table, she found herself the recipient of Harit’s gaze every time she looked in his direction. And she tried very hard not to do that. But she didn’t spend that dinner being the only victim. When she thought he isn’t looking, she would sneak glances in his direction. She couldn’t help herself. Just being in the same room with the man make her nerve tingle in nervousness.

Harit caught her staring at him and raised a brow at her. So quickly glanced away, but not before she saw the twitch of his lips. Arrogant man, she thought, her heart flustering. Luckily, Monthai gained her attention as he directed her attention to Mr. WongsoAnn, who wanted to inquire her about the florist shop.

For the long moment her attention was claimed by Monthai and Mr. WongsoAnn, she had almost forgotten about Harit. Until she acutely felt that someone was staring at her. Sure enough, when she paused in her conversation with Monthai to take a sip from her glass, she caught Harit gazing at her with unconcealed interest.

Not wanting to appear meek, she returned it with her own opened interest. They shared a private staring contest and it would have lasted very long, had Harit not did something so intriguing. He grinned, the type that boldly states arrogant with a hint of amusement laced with smugness. She blinked. A gesture that didn’t go unnoticed. Harit chuckled and lifted a hand to his mouth as if to conceal laughter.

She wanted to strangle him at his point. She played right into his trap. How could she not have seen that?

“So?” Monthai whispered from her side. “Are you alright? You looked upset.”

Looking away from Harit’s smug smile, she quickly informed Monthai that she was fine.

Harit couldn’t help himself. Just being in the same room with the woman fills him with excitement. How that came to be was a mystery to him. Why it had to be Soriya, the very same woman he had always disliked, was an even greater mystery.

Unlike other women, who usually go out of their way to impress him—as if there is anything to be impressed about—Soriya does the opposite. If he guessed correctly, she wants nothing to do with him. If she could, she would be more than happy if she won’t see again for the rest of her life. No easy feat, considering the circle of friends they are in acquaintance with.

Two months ago, he would have gladly granted her this wish. Now that he came to accept her presence, he also quickly realized his growing interest in her. She challenges him like no other and is making him feel things that he rather wouldn’t.

But what intrigues him most about her is that familiarity he felt whenever she’s around, as if they had known each other in some other world that he couldn’t recall. And what worst, with the familiarity accompanies a protective instinct he doesn’t think he has with any other women who isn’t his mother or his younger sister.

Meanwhile, he noticed that the conversation was shifting his direction. Mr. WongsoAnn smiled at him. “Harit, I heard that you managed to get an appointment with Mr. Johnson. Am I to suspect that the negotiation is a success?”

Harit nodded. “It’s far too early to really say, Uncle. Mr. Johnson is spontaneous and we’re not sure if he would even agree to the deal.”

The elder man nodded. “That’s true. I have dealt with the man myself a few times, and he is as difficult as you say. Not to mention that once you get on his bad side, whatever you’ll plan will definitely do downhill.” As he finished his sentence, he noticed how Soriya was attentive to the conversation. He smiled. “Mr. Johnson is a world-class entrepreneur from Europe. He’s showing interests in Asian’s market, so many people hope to get a partnership with him. Unfortunately, like Harit said, he’s very spontaneous and his decisions can change last minutes, no matter how beneficial the deal may be to him.”

Monthai joined in. “He is known to do that a few times, and threw a lot of huge business into ruins. But one things for sure is that if you get Mr. Johnson on your side, your business will definitely prosper. That’s why many businesses strived to get him on their side.”

“That’s why it’s a great feat that Harit was able to get an appointment with him,” Mr. WongsoAnn informed. He looked over at Harit again. “I’m not going to hope that you’ll succeed in getting the partnership, Harit. I know that you will definitely get it. I believe in you.”

Harit returned it with a smile. “Thank you so much, Uncle.” Without thinking, he looked over to Soriya and coughed her smiling at him. He arched an eyebrow at her, even as his heart skipped a beat. She quickly looked away, but not before he caught a blush on her cheek. He grinned to himself.

Soriya forced herself to finish the food on her plate as she strived to hide her blush. The problem with blushing, however, is that the more you try not to do it, the worst it becomes. Instead, she focused on steadying her breathing until her heart calm down.

Earlier, when she heard about the progress that Harit was making, she couldn’t help but feel proud of him. This is the man that she fell in love with, even though it’s only un-requited love. She had always known that he is a successful man in all areas. She didn’t realized that she was being obvious until Harit caught her. So much for trying to forget him.

The conversation quickly shifted to other topics and before long, everyone started to get ready to leave. Because Monthai has an early morning meeting, they elected to leave early. But as she was in the process of getting into the car, she got an eerie feeling of someone watching her. However, as she looked around, there was no one in sight.

“Is something wrong?”

She looked over at Monthai, who stood by the car door, waiting for her to enter. She shook her head. “Nothing.” She answered and got into the car.

As Harit watched the car pull outs of the driveway, Mr. WongsoAnn came up behind. “A woman like that only comes once in a lifetime.”

Surprised, Harit turned around and face the elderly man. “Uncle.”

The man smiled. “I may be old, son, but I’m not blind. It wasn’t hard to detect the undercurrent between the two of you at the dinner table.”

Trying to appear indifferent, Harit sipped out of his wine glass. “It’s not like that, Uncle.”

A brow, black dusked with gray and white, lifted. “Or is it?” he implied. A moment of silence followed before the old man placed his hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “I’m old, so I can’t help but find myself meddling the youngsters’ affairs. Forgive me. However, take my advice into mind. When you’re young, it’s okay to make mistakes because you’ll learn from it and never make the same one again. But some mistakes can become ones that will make you regret for the rest of your days, because 99% of the time, you may never get a chance to never make it again.”


Chapter seven will be up soon. ^_^