Annoying talk show host


sarNie Juvenile
so i was utubing and i finally watched the talk show woody
and O..M...G he is annoying... his mannerism, the way he askes questions and the way he acts !!
how did he become a host!


sarNie Hatchling
i am big fan of woodytalk and he is like the only host that i see from any other show in thailand that actually asks REAL questions to the guests. and het gets straight answers too. how is he annoying for wanting to know the truth. you like it when celebs blabbers on and not tell the truth and say things like maybe, i dont know...


Expired Sarnie
he can be annoying at times. some of his questions is definitely rude and way too personal. i almost wanted to slap him when he asked khunnie if he was gay. like seriously that was so random and rude. there was no speculation whatsoever. he likes to start "shit" ahahaha. and him touching aumP's boobs. well she claimed he touch her stomach lmao!!! i think it was her stomach. but other than that he can be real entertaining.


sarNie Adult
i like that he asked real questions and get some straight answer, but sometimes i feel like he tried to hard...just my opinion. yes, i do like it when he interviewed celebrity and he is straight forward to them.


sarNie Egg
i saw the ep he interview some mor do.. mor chang or something in his new office
and yeah he is straight forward but kinda rude... he cut off the intervewee as he didnt want to hear anymore of this prediction... odd guy

and he interview jackie chan too once.. and i think he even scared jackie when he jumped at him

lakorn watcher

sarNie Adult
I'm not annoyed by him. I know that some of his questions are rude but it's what people wants to know. I give him credit for being able to have the courage to ask those questions. It's better to ask people straightfoward instead of just assume things. I actually really like his show because he doesn't seem fake but lately most of his guest is not that great.


I like watching his show too! And I agree that lately his guests are so boring to watch lol.