Aom Piyada's new boyfriend


sarNie Oldmaid
wow! he does look good...and he does resemble Mart..but i like his look better than Mart..his face doesn't look as stiff and stretched out...i'm glad she's w/ someone now..esp. a cute one since Ken is alreadie marrie **tears**


sarNie Hatchling
Wow. My dream of Aom and Tik is officially off the hook. Oh well, he's surprising not bad looking.
So I can rest my worry aside as of now.


sarNie Elites
the guy is actually good looking... let's hope things will work out between these two... isn't Aom pretty close to Puri too? so it makes sense that his cousin and friend eventually hooked up...LOL


sarNie Oldmaid
yes it make perfect sense. Aom+Puri are very close. their family are close. they know eachother since they were young.since he was a kid. she and her group of friends even bother him when he was a kid. he and her younger brother are friends. and Aom and his sister are friends.that's why Aom know her boyfriend since she was in 10th grade. she+her boyfriend know eachother for a long time already. but are not close till recently they started dating.


sarNie Elites
I guess he is okay looking, better than a lot of the other's boyfriends... I agree that he resembles the actor Mart ^^