Ch3’s 48th Anniversary/Soccer Game


Haha, I was asking the same x) I don't know, I left it when it was 11-11. But then I saw yellow team with the cup.
I'm not sure but I think it's yellow team xp
11-11?!! So many goals. Hahaha. Do they always make it a tie? They love the penalty kicks don't they?

I went back to the live stream link and was skipping around and happened to land on the part Boophae Saniwat's cast came out! Pope and Bella were so cute acting out their characters. And that back hug! ! ! Omg Pope. Haha. Also he looks so much like Captain Puthanet?? Any one else see the resemblance???


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what i got out of this whole show was that the newer actors and actresses are hella awkward and dont really stand out much plus why was patricia on a float but nychaa wasnt. really weird to me. does she have the most fans in the new generation?
None of them can dance. No grace at all. Stiff like me when I dance


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I never noticed how awkward these are. Ch3 always try to make everyone sing and dance haha. I’m still gonna watch to see BPS and Jma Matt lol


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I fell asleep! Haha. I was like let me just close my eyes for a quick sec. Next thing you know it's morning! Haha.

So. . . who won? And did Por Date play again at all? Haha.
I fell asleep after BPS halftime lol

They always end it in a tie for the penalty kick. Dangit I shouldn't had fallen asleep, I can't watch the after concert anywhere.
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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
There was no mention of an after concert unless i missed someone talking about it when i was doing something else. And sometime after the match, I saw Margie post on ig with her hubby Pok.