[Ch3] Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (Broadcast Thai) : Pope Thanawat / Bella Ranee


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Random-ish...but I think Louis and Noon are very cute together.
I snooped before unintentionally, not knowing they were going to be in this lakorn together awhile back when I saw them on vacation with Ken T's family and Mick's family. It was very cute because while Mick and Ken had kids. Noon and him just took pictures together or with their kids which was very cute.

I agree that Pope is very charming. He seems quiet but he's playful behind the scenes and very well spoken.

Bella, I can see doing characters like Ploy used to play with Ch 3. The very "n'rai" like n'ek where she's very tough and strong willed. Bella has the n'rai look to her but can play both nice and evil really well.

**Thai lakorns are one of the only ones where in a boran style drama, there is very thick full face of make up and it's okay haha i love it though. The have the highlight on point for some too.


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Kade is just soooo freaking adorable when she cheer for the race and play with the kids. I can understand why Por Date, a gentleman became so infatuated to the point where he would stalks and creep up at her. He got some serious obsessions going on here, hidding behind trees to peek at her and wanting to whispering to her ear all the time...etc


Yeah, I was going to say that yesterday too. Because it seems like they have history or maybe for him, it was love at first sight. Maybe the book has more insight...

Watch the boat scene and Kade is sooo cute cheering lol and there goes Pope....being swoony as heck. I'm dead. Then there's janward who is the unwanted 3rd wheel. But no lie...if Pope uses that smile on me, I'd give him anything he wants.

That smile is probably why he had player rumors non stop lol stealing hearts left and right with his gentle demeanor

Can I say though---Got is looking might fiooonnnnne. I would go more crazy if he was completely single. But I'm weird and try to tone down my heart for taken men :crybaby2::crybaby2:
You see I thought Louis's character knew Susie before (during the scene where Kade first met his character and Susie...forgot which episode) cause he gave her eyes like OMG it's you and that music did not help! Giving me this longing, reminiscing vibe. Was expecting some sort of flashback. But instead, it turns out they didn't have history before and that was the first time Louis, Susie, and Bella's characters all met. Whaaaaa? And when Louis was all like I love her a lot to his little friends, I was like okay....so when did that happen? Those are some deep feelings you have over someone you just met.
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Lol why do they have to make the white people in here look so bad with the wigs!? Lol I can’t take the wigs seriously!! It’s like they just gave them mops to wear!

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Romance is everywhere in this episode. The chemistry between Kade and Date is so strong. I love how they show both couples sharing sweet moments together. Janward and Rueng look so good.

At first I was worried the politic stuff would make the lakorn boring but based on preview of next episode, it seems interesting. It doesn't look draggy at all. This lakorn exceed my expectation in many ways.:thumbup: