[CH3] Buang Ruk Satan (Polyplus) Dome Pakorn / Margie Rasi


sarNie Granny
@sarN we love any p'ek that is eye candy and sadist right lmao... I love reading all of your post u make laugh at majority of 'em. :thumbup:7willing|slapandkissrsceneswbabysw
Oh ' my perverted self come out naturally in any habitat LOL, love them sadist p'ek , even the one that can't act but as long as he eye candy, I can endure anything


sarNie Hatchling
image.jpeg image.jpeg Credits as tagged also pok mindset FB fan page. It seems like margie's boyfriend is in this Lakorn also
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sarNie Granny
that would be awkward to have ur bf on the set ! dome already don't have any chemistry w/ his actress now the actress's bf is there to distract him too LOLLLL . I will have to watch this one .


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Dome is so good looking, lol. I haven't been watching any of Margie's lakorn at all. The latest was indeed her lakorn with Boy, lol. But I dropped that lakorn half way. The storyline really does interest me though. I'm still kinda bummed Mew dropped out but I'll be okay with Margie.


sarNie Oldmaid
I agree Margie's boyfriend is not attractive lol. I also think that is terribly awkward to have him on set when the goal is for her to have chemistry with someone else.


sarNie Juvenile
Dome is mighty handsome. The hair style is not too great though. I liked his look in his movie with janie


sarNie Oldmaid
That awkward moment when the real life boyfriend is in this lakorn but a different role. I won't mind if a real life couple would be a pranang but to be in the same show but different role well it's another story. I wonder how will this turn out.

Anyways good luck to the cast and crew!