[Ch3] Fai Ruk Plerng Kaen (Sonic Boom)


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i have a weak spot for Smart. teaser looks hot, but after reading the summary, it not being as mess up as Leh Pummares, i am disappointed because (maybe Yam is too young or something) with the whole him keeping her in the island opportunity, there's no love scene. no love scene? Boo-hoo! but i'm still gonna tune in.


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Amelie3 said:
May I ask if you could share a short English summary for this lakorn? I would love to have the opportunity to put it on our Viki-channel (http://www.viki.com/tv/22547c-fire-loves-a-vengeful-flame-fai-ruk-plerng-kaen) to attract more helpers.  :cheer:
P'ek 's father and N'ek 's fatheris partner, but p'ek 's father cheat N'ek 's father. It make n'ek 's father and her younger brother, and n'ek 's mother is madman.
Her uncle so take care of her. When she graduate from foreign land. She come back to Thailand. She will revenge p'ek 's father.
N'ek apply at p'ek father, her beginning that  she flirt oldest brother of p'ek, but youngest brother will enchant her too. She will use oldest brother of p'ek
to take overing  business.


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cecilia said:
Super excited for this one!
Me too, thank you SO MUCH for subbing the teaser on our Viki-channel! I already added the second teaser and segmented it for more subs. *Wink*Wink*  :wink:


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I'm super excited for this one. Yam is very beautiful in those scene in the teaser. Can't wait!


sarNie OldFart
I'm really liking Yam. She's taking on such a strong role for someone so young and seems to be doing exceptionally well. She looks really mature for her age. The only problem I have with her is her voice. It sounds like she has a cold, kind of like Mai Davika.  


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Yam is pretty but in motion she looks way younger than in pictures. In the teasers she looks like a kid caked in her mom's makeup. I wished they had gotten a younger p'ek for her to make it less icky. The Nadech, Mark, Ken etc. generation. I'm glad that she was given a hard role compared to other young actresses. Now let's see if she can pull it off.


Expired Sarnie
Actually I like Yam's deep voice. It sort of takes away that she is just merely 15-16 when she filmed this. Ah I got the goosebumps. I do not like it when a female under the age of 18 gets paired off with someone 10 plus year older. In this case Mart is 20 years her age. I don't think I can watch this without calling Mart a pedophile. I wonder why he doesn't turn it down when he knows the female is that much younger than he is. I just hope there isn't much skinship in order for me to tolerate this. I do love the teaser and I did love Leh Pummareh so it would be nice to see the female doing the dirty laundry but I doubt that would happen. 


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i think Yam looks older than her age , i think the age difference huge but if the acting and the story gooood no complains here