[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


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I read the spoiler for both scenes! I'm so excited for it. They both have such exuding chemistry. I'm still swooning over that Hug.
Me too.. but I am swooning this offscreen hand kiss right now hahah you could actually hear the sound of the kiss :naughty2:
I don't think the rest of the clips are gonna be uploaded soon.. and i have to go to bed now cause i have work orz

Will gif again when im free ;)
I am looking forward to your gif.. I am off to bed aswell..

Good night GS ladies, I am off :aloofandbored:catch up tomorrow :aloofandbored:


Anddddd 1st gif for tonight - NokNai strutting away from Khae

Idk if Taew is really tiny or JJ is just really tall. Girlie wearing a 3/4 inches heels yet still barely passed his chin
She’s tiny and short. Per her profile she’s only listed at 5’3” with JJ at 6’1”. Yes she’s short next to him regardless of her heels. Lol


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Lol I was able to resist watching live. This thread is moving really fast. I woke up and had almost 20 pages to read but I really enjoy reading you guys' posts. My guess is Nai and Nok's wedding will be in episode 7 or 8. Also Nai is giving a lot of love hints to Nok. She's starting to fall for him already but she's trying to stop herself right?


Here for จิจิ
What? You are so fortunate! Taew is the only Thai actress I would love to meet! Maybe Mew and Aff! Lol.
met my bby jamesji too, can’t deny that he’s veryyyy tall . That’s why she looked so tiny with himm xD she looks younger outside tho. Taew looks 18th tbh hahahah she’s 29th years old lol


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Episode 4:
Nai carrying Nok - 1
Nai's puppy/dreamy/love stares - 2
Nok feeding Nai - 1
hugs - 2
Nai gives his jacket to Nok - 2

I am adding these to the list from Episode 3:
Nok biting Nai - 2
Nai carrying Nok - 2
Nai's puppy/dreamy/love stares - 2 (during face painting and Nok drunk is Nai's hotel room)
Hold hands - 2 (diving and trophy)
hero rescues - 2
Nose kiss -1
Nok slap Nai's face - 1
Almost slap - 1
Nai stalking Nok - 2

Updated 07/03/18
List for our Pranangs' activities/pastimes.

Headbutting - 1 :risas3:
Kiss/accidental kiss - 1
Nok slap Nai's face - 2
Nok biting Nai - 4
Nai carrying Nok - 5
Nai pinching Nok's cheeks - 1
Nai's puppy/dreamy/love stares - 6
hero rescues - 3
Helping n'ek putting on shoe - 1
Nok attacked Nai - 2
Nai gives his jacket to Nok - 4
Nai tickling Nok's foot - 1
Almost slap - 2
Nai stalking Nok - 3
Nose Kiss - 1
Holding hands - 2
Nok feeding Nai - 1
Hugs - 2

Let's see what else? :confused12:Please feel free to add if I'm missing anything! :risas3:

This just a fun group to "interact" :naughty2: with our HOTIE, JJ/Luckanai!

#JJGroupAttack list means we go after our HOTIE at the same time.
(First mentioned by @lakornkiki and was inspired by Nok who attacked Nai at the hotel room a with headbutt etc etc... resulting in an accidental kiss.)



#RobbingTheCradleGroup list means you have to be older than JJ by 5+ years and you can have him at your leisure.


Please let me know if you'd like to be on the list for #JJGroupAttack and #RobbingTheCradleGroup
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