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Here for จิจิ
[JT Praew Magazine Interview]

James: P'Taew is really attractive. I think P'Taew is an ideal woman for all the men.
Taew: Crazy
James: It's true. P'Taew is very adorable. For example, behind the scenes, P'Taew is not a talkative person. She is a little bit quiet but sometimes she'd smile and say something funny, she has a special attractive personality. Most importantly, she is good at work as well as life. I think P'Taew sees life in a positive way, she doesn't think she needs to compete with anybody. P'Taew is always comfortable in her own space, so everything she shows is adorable. I think P'Taew fits with the quote "Less is More."

James: I think there are many ways for acting techniques, it depends on how someone uses them. But I need everything from P'Taew and some other things as well.
Taew: James is good too, I've watched James's dramas, you did well.
James: Which drama?
Taew: Rak Ok Rit
James: *sigh* It's Rak Sutrit, Rak Ok Rit is P'pope's drama

Interviewer: James, how many cameras do you have?
James: I don't even remember. My passion for photography is getting stronger. So far for both rangefinder and SLR cameras, I have about 30.
Taew: Are you crazy? Why did you buy so many?
James: Just like purses, why did P'Taew buy so many?
Taew: Okay I give up, so do you have a film scanning room?
James: No
Taew: James, that's not cool.
James: But I'm about to make a room to use for film scanning.

Source: Praew Magazine
Trans: FB Taew Natapohn Vietnam Fanpage
(I just roughly translated this to English so I can share it with you guys. Hope you guys enjoy this cuteness from JT!)
My sweet bby he even remembered others’s drama lol


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@sarN I was just thinking about you the other day! I remember your stuggle to get that book. Yeah, I think we’ve learned their is no “R” scene but their is a willing! I’ll tag you for that even if it’s not much haha. It’s good so far. I hope you’ll het to tune in soon.


Here for จิจิ
Oh my! The constant positive praises from JJ to Taew! Lol. It’s true alright. I don’t remember JJ being this much with anyone. Then again I never watch his interviews with Bella, Yaya or Kim. Someone can clarify with me. Maybe JJ just praises anyone and everyone! Lol. Also I want to add that Grate has been consistently saying he wants to pair up with Taew! I see why! She’s so down to earth. And she gets along with everyone.
i only watch kim & bell ‘s interview and yeah he praised both.


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I read your comment while listening to Bryan Adams song and I feel you babe. I do feel you. I felt Nai's sincerety as well. How he loves his Nok so much that he'd do anything and just about everything for Nok. It's okay if she doesn't realize it, it's as long as she's happy. It's okay if she doesn't like him, as long as she's happy.

But in the blindfold scene, he was hoping really hard that she could look into his heart and take him as he is, if Nok sees him as a trash, he's a trash with soul! Loving her is his life. Huwaaaa~~~ Nai is like a really really really sad man.
Nai is a very proud guy. Later we will find out. He just has a big heart, and always have a soft spot for Nok.


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Voting is closed... seems like Taew will take home the award with 52% of the vote :cheer:
is it closed permanently? I thought it said voting from July to August
It said closed on mines so idk... can you vote on your end??
No I can’t. I guess it’s closed permanently then
I can still vote for Taew but it's ver. 2 with Bella in the lead? This award voting is really bizarre.

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