[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


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It's the cutest smile and he just melted. Their chemistry is no joke. :icon12:
I believe there has to be chemistry between two actors offscreen to make it work onscreen. To me without that real life connection, the onscreen relationship just doesn't work.

Then again, I suppose that any great actor can generate chemistry with the right partner, but there’s an extra level of excitement when the viewers feels and know that there’s a bleed between the romantic fantasy and reality. (Or at least that is what we are thinking that is happening with JT :pancarta:)

I really do feel that the moment/scene by the pool really is a bleed between “romantic fantasy and reality”. It was just so well executed with how they both conveyed their emotions:thumbup:
I am certain anybody who watched the pool scene, whether they are a fan or not will see and feel that undeniable chemistry between the two. ( ahhhh yep no doubt my ranting is because my JT fever is sky high:nut::nut:)
The chemistry between these two is no joke :p
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@lakornkiki Yes girl, Yes! Lol. I woke up to three new pages & a morning after spoiler pic. I’m falling weak. Shall we prepare for the ER in advance? They had so much fun & can’t wait to see LakornThaiIG post up more spoiler photos soon. That MV was great! Had me all giddy & the piano matched it well.

@Kay123 trust in me! Haha. No matter how weak I get, it’s my duty to drive you ladies to the ER. I won’t let you guys down before I fall down haha.
Has your fever gone down? Who am I kidding?! At this rate, even the pool can’t help me cool down. Ironically, I was just rewatching the pool scene the other day. Had to jump in to save myself lol.


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My friend send this to me,is it true?my heart break:facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

JJ's girlfriend instagram account:11.9.19julyjansep
JJ and his girlfriend are traveling in bali these days
JJ's instagram profile117 means his girlfriend's birthday July 11st,and the girl's 919 mean JJ's birthday.And the diving trip JJ went with Great several days ago,the girl also attended
I don't believe it or I should say I don't care. It's been 3 months and why suddenly people start to notice the number and related to that girl lol Anything not confirmed is just a rumor:) I actually think it was because of the super super sweet scene upcoming Monday so they decide to do something ahead of time just in case:)

Too bad I can't watch live on Monday but way to go NaiNok (JiTaew):cheer: please bring us more sweets! I don't care if I will get diabetes:aaaaa:


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Whatever people said I believe if you want to have the chemistry like Ji and Taew in this drama you have to be very close to one another and the relationship from the two will go beyond their friendship or sister/brother. Watch the scene when Nai told Nok on the honeymoon night in Nan that he will wait for her, omgoshhh their faces and their eyes so into it. You can’t acted like them in here with out the longing of love, if you are just brother and sister you don’t go around offscreen touching, hugging, messaging, gazing and smiling like no tomorrow hahah. I saw one of my actor in my country interview and the MC/reporter asked him why he always denied the relationship with the actresses that everyone saw the chemistry they had in the drama, onscreen and offscreen and believed he was dating her/them, he said YES.....when you see the chemistry of the two actor/actresses seem overwhelming like that their relationship will passed the stage of their friendship....another word it can become the real life couple if after drama they can’t take their love off and move on. For me I had seen the Thai drama not long ago, may be 4-5 years but I watched pretty much all the popular actors/actress in the dramas even the old drama that generation like Tik, Ken and Ann, no one surpassed Ji/Taew chemistry on and off screen.
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Who wouldn’t return the love to Nai?! I was thinking why I love GS so much! Duh because Nai is not your typical guy! He’s so “perfect”. Lol. I also love Nok’s character because she’s also not a typical girl next door.
Oh. Blocked.... Sorry sweetie. But thank you & to the rest of the girls. I've been enjoying all your comments, posts, gifs, spoilers, etc..... just love,love,love them....
Thank you so much. I was sad that ch.3 blocked the vid due to copyright (first time for one of my fan vids so I am surprised too.... they are getting tough).

Your comment is so nice and thanks for motivating me to stay active here. LOL
I read sth I shouldn’t read again esp when it comes to james. Im so soft when it comes to ppl bashing James. I dun wanna think of the bad cmts but it keeps popping up. Im so saddd, pls confort me TT
There will always be anti’s.
Here is one of my fav. Ji photos. Hope this cheers you up.... better yet, talk to us. What makes you a James Ji fan?????


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Hello good morning!! I just saw spoiler post from ceci on IG! I have pre booked a bed in the ER and I'll admit myself later this evening
Hahaha book me a bed too please, I want the bed next to you for moral support:risas3: anyway Good morning everyone.. are we all ready for baby making session with NokNai ? :aaaaa:Because our favourite couple is ready to start with opening their baby making factory.. The grand opening is tonight at 8:20pm.. everyone is invited to join them :risas3:
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