[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn


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Nah, they can’t be that good haha (me in my own little bubble) but like I mention in my early post it’s the natural physical attraction between 2 actors offscreen that helps add heat, steam, and tension onscreen that make their onscreen romance feel genuine.

Actually after rewatching the willing scene, especially with the close up :love: I am actually satisfied :facepalm: it’s more then what we would normally get from a thai Lakorn.
Right! It’s all the weird angled stuff but they definitely spoiled us in here.


Are you girls ok? I will watch this episode later when on YouTube! Thanks for all the recaps girlies. I’m a bit disappointed that we waited all week and the willing scene was short. Aw! Oh well! I’m breathing hard! Oxygen please!


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[News] This day finally comes, the morning after Meuanchanok "belongs" to Luckanai.

Although there are many sweet scenes, it seems like the couple James and Taew has not made the viewers satisfied, their sweetest scene will finally appear. Let's be prepared to watch Luckanai and Meuanchanok's bed scene after one month of marriage.

This scene is when Luckanai wants to surprise Meuanchanok when he makes a party celebrating the one month anniversary of their wedding. Both of them are really open to each other and taking action to express their love. And with love, trust, and high emotion they both consummate their marriage willingly. Even until the next morning, their sweetness is not over; the two continue to have sweeter moments on their bed.

The scene was filmed at a house in Pak Kret and is the sweetest scene of the drama, because James and Taew had to lay down, hug, and sleep next to other like real husband and wife. Again, James had to take his shirt off, showing his pale skin. The viewers won't be able to get their eyes off of the screen.

Taew portrayed an adorable, beautiful wife who woke up in the morning after and teased her husband making Nai unable to control himself and continually kissed his wife on her cheeks many times. The two were like a couple being in love and showing their love to each other. Surely the viewers will be satisfied watching this scene.
(I was not okay for the whole time while trying to translate this. Ahhhh can't handle myself. :facepalm:willing|babysw)
Source: Thairath
Trans: Taew Natapohn Vietnam Fanpage
Thanks so much :).


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I am greedy when it comes to JiTaew!!!!

They gave a lot of FIN scenes today but I wanted and needed more. I wanted Nai to devour Nok's lips!!! :naughty2:

All I got was sweet kisses and carry to the bedroom.
I was left hanging like what the ...... I blame it on the director :fighting3:
Same.. I was like WTH is that all the lip kissing we are gettting? That is like so innocent :facepalm: should we request them to be pair up in movie instead ? :risas3: The chances are better in movie because there isn’t much restriction when it comes to love scene :p