[CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya


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The wardrobes are amazing and the cast looks great. Alot of good looking cast in here. Man Cindy is still gorgeous for her age

Yaya super gorgeous as a princess. I'm really excited for this. Thanks for all the pictures


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I have a feeling it is Manee Yard Fah but she can't say it's MYF or use the exact names because they didn't buy the rights from Jude Devereaux for her novel Princess. I wonder if P'Kai got the rights for MYF back then?


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Whoa everyone looks regal, well put together, and suitable with the roles! Well nobody can pull of the European-ish look better than Cindy though, she looked mesmerizing in Plerng Naree as well


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I guess Anne isn't starring in here? Sigh I was hoping to see her in beautiful princess clothing
I think she's not involved as the cast, but more of the producer like she did on Samee Tee Tra?


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Princess Alice Madelaine Theresa Phillips
-Appearance : age between 23-24 years old, beautiful, elegant, piercing face, calm and impassible eyes expression that hide the sadness behind.
-Personality : self-confident, strong, determined, never give up easily, love justice, she looks impassible and never trusts anyone because there are full of enemies around her, but deep inside her mind, she is a gentle lady who has love, generosity, and needs an embrace from someone who truly loves her.
-Family : she is the first heiress of Harrisort. Her father is Prince Charles (passed away when she was 2 years old), her mother's name Nathalie (passed away after giving birth to her). After becoming the heiress, her life is full of chaotic and dangers.
-Talent : horse riding, fighting with her bare hands or with many kinds of weapons, be able to speak many languages, hate cooking the most!

P.S : not sure with the country's name.

Lieutenant Commander Davin Samuthyakorn
-Appearance: age around 25-26 years old, tanned skin, piercing, strong physical, determined eyes expression, but having a gentle voice that could melt down the hearts of all girls who stay near him.

-Personality: cherish the honor as a man and a soldier, love justice, being frank, smart and competitive. Looking from the outside, he looks like a guy who never care about the woman and doesn't need love. But he acts like this because he used to meet a bad broken heart experience until he tries not to love anyone anymore, although the deep inside his heart, he really needs a woman who stays by his side forever.
-Family: the only son of his father, Decha, and his mother, lieutenant Savanee, who get divorced with each other. He has a closest cousin (his uncle's daughter) named Danika who is a Sergeant. Currently, Davin works in Naval Special Warfare Command, fleet operations, but he was called to stand by at "International Anti-terrorism Center".
-Talent: battle planner, high talent in fighting, and highly sensitive eyes.

cr : @thongentertainment

translated by : @ka.ta_love_ny
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King Henry ( Princess Alice's Grandfather)

cr :atinnabhan

cr : annethong

Princess Alice's Bodyguard

Sergeant Danika (Lieutenant Commander Davin Samuthyakorn's Cousin)

cr : annethong
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Prince Arron Mark Andre Philips
Appearance : Aged 20-21 years old. Handsome, well dressed. His smile is brighten up your day.
Habits: Playboy, love to party, a modern prince's life style. He does not care about the reputation. Often create problems to the palace. He is a son of Prince Andre ( Alice's uncle) and Princess Mona (Alice's stepmother). He is a spoiled child. His parents give him whatever he wants. They certainly believed that Arron will be the next king. He seems does not care about the other people around him. But he's hurting inside seeing them fighting over the throne among themselves. Though he does not show much about the ideas or the way he thinking but he is a very smart person. If he intended to something, he could do that. But he does not want to.
His childishly self-centered attitude is the obstacle for him to be the next king. But after his parents were killed. There was a turning point for him, he met Pan (Danika). She's a woman who made him stronger and be more responsible. Arron learned from his mistakes in the past. And eventually, he became stronger to rule the country.
Family: A son of Prince Andre and A Princess Mona. He has a sister from another mother named "Princess Kate"
Talent : Singing, dancing, helm the boat, car racer, riding horse and shooting ( train later). And also pays attention to a woman that he had his eyes on (like/dislike)

trans: colleege
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Wow! That is such a beautiful cover. Do you have like wallpaper size one so I can save it? It's really beautiful.
Thanks for liking the cover. Unfortunately, I don't have the wallpaper size. When I have free time, I might make one and then share it here.