[CH3] Likit Ruk (Thong Entertainment) Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya


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I can't wait for this lakorn!! Thanks everyone for the updates and the pictures.

I made this recently and thought to share it here.

Facebook cover:

Thanks Katelyn for sharing your beautiful artwork. You're very talented. Looking forward to see more na ka.

Thanks ptenchik for sharing bts picture, beautiful location.

First day of filming......

Learning from the pro....

Commoner look.....so pretty....

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So it has officially begin filming yeah :). I'm just a little sad that Anne said that there is not going to be Fin or romance in this Lakorn is mostly going to be arguing :(, maybe Anne would change her mind cause she also said that the scrip is not even 50% done.
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just in case if anyone want more from the first day of filming BJa67a-AWRF.jpg
they even had the name tag for this lakorn shooting
the princess' outfit
BJaKlwOh4_7.jpg BJZ_tuBjC6y.jpg

scenic location
BJaMaidjq-r.jpg BJatKIuDR8u.jpg BJaWf-aD5rb.jpg

celebrating crew's birthday

credit as tagged in pictures
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Werking non-stop:aloofandbored::coleman:
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Credits to Yoghurt's IG
Can't wait for more filming photos! :D We'll also learn about fashion here lol. They all look good. :D


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I never seen Anne wear purple lipstick before.

Cindy is so gorgeous and elegant. Super tall as well! So many mixed gorgeous people in here


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I'm not sure how this lakorn will turn out but the cast looks like they are having fun filming. Yaya looks really happy to be working with Ann, too- make the most of your opportunities, which is good.


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The only thing that's exciting to me about this drama is the fashions. I think Anne honestly isn't that great of a producer and none of her story-lines are than engaging to me. She's getting a lot of work cause she's popular/respected but she needs to grow as a producer/director. Her name will only carry so far. She's guaranteed views w/ NY but I really prefer her to grow as a producer than relying on assured viewers.


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I want Ann to grow as a producer too. I'm actually not sure how good she is (I haven't seen the other lakorns by her); maybe she needs better script writers?

Also, since she's already worked with Mark/Kim and now Nadech/Yaya, it would be great if she worked with other koojin (Matt/Grate, Boy/Margie, Namcha/Ken, etc) also after Likit Ruk. Maybe do a raeng lakorn. Samee Teetra was a good lakorn


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I hope this doesn't become too dramatic and winding. The storyline is not new, so I'm guessing she will try to spice it up to male it worth watching.