[Ch3] Narkee (Act Art) : Ken Phupoom/ Taew Nattaporn


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cr. MemoryUnit

It's more intense than I expected, kind of spooky. I can't wait! XD


sarNie Adult
I can't wait for this too. Especially since I've got nothing to watch now. I'm mostly looking forward to a brand new pairing to see how they match up.


sarNie Oldmaid

Narkee is now confirmed to air on September 26 after Mark and Patricia's lakorn Buang Athithan.
Credits to Thai TV3 Drama FB


sarNie Adult
Story Line :

Kumkaew a beautiful girl of Baan Dorn Mai who have mystery birth. Nobody know that she have supernatural power even herself.
Tossapol a Archaeology student who unexpectedly see statue of Nagee, and he enchant Nagee goddess. He can't withdraw from her,
and leave everything for love and living beside her, but his love have many obstruction. Mor Auam, Yaem a village head man, Boonsong, Kor,
Muengin, and many one who see power of Nagee. They try to destroy Nagee goddess including Lumjiag a sexy girl who like Tossapol.

Fighting with mysterious power, stealing love and beating that go on by the way of human and magic, but all of them don't know
this is anger power from a past, and how is retribution of each a person happen? Is story of Naga keep going to secret?

Kumkaew who is n'ek in this lakorn is cursed. She have three body in herself

One body is a ordinary beautiful girl
One body is elegant queen of snake
and other one is ugly snake ghost.

Kumkaew try to conduct for leaving from this cursing, but she is chased, and have to separate from her lover.
A man who give her a love no matter what she is.

Cr. http://pantip.com/topic/33885710/comment6
Quoting this from page 1 for anyone who wants to know the storyline.


sarNie Juvenile
I thought nakee means dragon. How is it about snake. Its interesting but I'm scared to watch spooky and snake.


sarNie Egg
The ost sounds so good&perfect and sad too..:crybaby2:this might be one of my favorite song so far of the year on ch3. And seriously Taew's dancing is so pretty in here!:clap:


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Agreed, I love the lum style soundtrack.

So does 'nakee' mean dragon then? I suppose both snakes and dragons are serpentine.


sarNie Adult
Nakee means snake, or Queen of Snakes I guess. It looks pretty good.

Side note, P'Off cracks me up with his sense of humor. I love watching his interviews.


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Episode 1 was good! A nice start to what seems like an intense thriller romance lakorn. Khamkaew is so chill, cold and fearless. There's definitely a snake goddess in her. As a Southeast Asian person who grew up hearing scary tales of dragons and giant snakes, I'm scared whenever Khamkaew appears to turn into a snake but I'm also really interested in the folklore. Plus, the romance is sweet so far. Phon is completely smitten already, there are hearts in his eyes whenever he looks at Khamkaew. He asked for the flower she wore on her ear, such a small flower but such a big gesture to show he finally met his dream wood nymph. There didn't seem to be much coverage on the making of this lakorn - maybe because Taew and Ken have significant others and there's not so much room for "jin"? - but I was hopeful there'd be chemistry. So far, there's enough. P'Off doesn't overdo it with his leads. I like the pranang's first meeting.

And I really like the music.