[CH3] Ruk Diew Khong Janjira (Thanud Lakorn)


sarNie Oldmaid
Wish there was more news on this =/

But for now here are some of my brainstorm couples:

Mint & Great
Pope & Mint Reunion!
Pope & Pream
Chario Reunion? *Not sure if Mario can really pull off being too much older
Ken T & Kim
Ken T & Mint
Great & Kim
Pope & Mew
Great & Mew

And yeah that pretty much covers the males I like from the "older" crowd and the girls that I always tune in for lol
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sarNie OldFart
I always just end up watching the original lol

I don't know who I would have as p'k...nobody comes to mind....


sarNie Juvenile
Omg that's an interesting pairing! Andrew is on a roll. He's been having alot of lakorn laltely. Why didn't he come back before when my favorites were still acting. I've always wanted him n Anne to pair up. It wish they would pair those two up already


sarNie Adult
Aww I think this lakorn will be a hit. Andrew is handsome and Patricia is hecka cute and pretty. What a great pair.


sarNie Granny
Andrew sure have a lot of lakorn to make up for the years he was gone . It's a huge age gap just like the novel . they were 20 years difference :eek:


Kluen Cheevit
yipee, thank god its not p'smart and a newbie!!! P'Andrew is a super good choice for this. Pat is cute, hopefully she improve and shine in here.:cheer::cheer::cheer::cheer:


sarNie Adult
I hope this is true cause Andrew/Pat would be a million times better than Smart/anyone. But I don't know if daradaily is that credible. They just wrote 1 sentence in that article saying that they heard this. P'Kai has Pat again, which he confirmed in an interview, with Det Peek so this would have to be after that one gets done.

The Smart news came straight from Ch.3's fanclub magazine.


sarNie OldFart
Ahhh...Andrew would be great...I never seen Pat act and I have a hard time watching who I don't feel is on par with my original Jane...Joy is just too GOOD...

But damn I always just end up watching the original but I love andrew


sarNie Hatchling
Janjira is one of my most favorite childhood drama and i'm waiting so long for this to remake so if it happen to be Smart as the lead with whoever i'm sure to say goodbye and back to watch the original one my Willy and Joy lol


If this is true, I'm glad that it's not Smart, but I'm not all that about Andrew either. I guess he is better than Smart though. Pat does kind of resemble Joy though, but something about her acting bothers me. I mean i love her though, she's so adorable.


sarNie Juvenile
Yea pat is cute and everything but her acting needs alot of improving. I think they should choose another actress who would be up to par especially pairing up with andrew


sarNie Oldmaid
Ken T would be good! I agree that either Kim, Mint C, Mew N or Yaya would all be good choices. Not a fan of Bella so probably wouldn't watch for her.