[Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)


sarNie Adult
I'm so hoping Ken will be a player in this one cuz I believe he has never taken a role like this before. Especially hoping he is super mean to Ann. Praying!
that would be nice!...ann is too strong sometimes, like i think its overwhelming at times..but yeah, im praying Ken is the mean one too!..gosh..hes just too cute =]!


sarNie Coma
great news!!..Tv Pool will air the interview of Anne/Ken on March 3rd about their new lakorn!..cant wait! :yahoo:

thanx to NuMay for the news


sarNie Adult
yay! I cant wait...cant get enough of anne and ken!....i love romantic dramas lol....these two being paired up again its like heaven!


sarNie Granny
i hope the lakorn they goin work together is " sawan bieng" cuz the p'k in there is a meanie !! :lol:


Yeah pr'ek in Sawan Bieng is a meanie and I want to see Ken as a meanie he was so on FIRE in Neung Nai Seung as a meanie...lolz I love a guy with temper...hehe

*blushing* I just hope he's mean to Anne in their new lakorn.


sarNie Adult
Ken would be so awesome if he's the mean p'ek!!!!!! He was kind of mean in NNS, but still a gentleman for the most part..... hhhahahhahahah.
Gosh I hope he plays the aggressive roles.......


sarNie Coma
hmm..they are still keeping it a secret.

interview from the director P'Da thairath.

"Well, there had been some talks and asking (laugh) but we're not sure how it's going to be yet. For the new lakorn, I would like to change some things for them to act in a drama because if we are working with the same team in the same style, we would be focused on a lot, so I'd like things to change a little. I also like to avoid the same concept as well, so that we wouldn't get compare to Oum Ruk, so the roles will have to be different than before ka. Although I guarantee that the viewers will like it. Right now I'm not able to say much, so I would like to keep it a secret for now, plus I'm currently working on the lakorn "Ruk Nee HuaJai Rao Jong" as well."

thanks to online @ tv3 and credit to nat for the trans.