Ciaj Sia


sarNie Oldmaid
dont know this guy but he has some pretty kewl songs. yet some..uhmm not my taste but i guess its ok..

what i like best about this guy is, i love his flute melodies he plays.. they sound nice.. very kho siab. :D


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^lol .. i dont' listen to him either, but my sister does, she said his flute music is nice ... it's her GOOD NIGHT sleep song :p


sarNie Hatchling
You guys will love him. I've known him since 4th grade, which is like what some 15 years now. Dang I'm old. We still keep in touch. I usually call him by his English name Jia. He's the sweetest guy. I personally don't really listen to his songs, but I know he puts a lot of effort in it and works his butt off. I'm a big supporter of him and his future goals. He's making waves for Hmong artists.


sarNie Adult
Anyone know if he has a CD with his hulasi flute/melodies? I would totally buy it!


sarNie Adult
is he secretly roaming the site and looking at the replies?

i respect him. i like him.
he has more talent than me.
i cant sing or play any kind of instrument,
much love to hem about that.

i guess his personality and his talent are different,
regardless, he's still only human.
he can only be himself.

much love.


sarNie Hatchling
don't know him personally, but he seems like a good guy. very talented like everyone in here said. though, i think he can do better when he sings, but gotta give him credit for giving all he got.


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
lol..yea. some may seem really nice when they go out, but when they some home, theyre tru colors really show
LOLs, Chewy. Of course! Me, for example.
Dang, I'm extremely b*tchy in real life.


But if you don't know me, I'm so innocent.

*Mai, your comment is err...LOLs. ;)


sarNie Adult
Am I the only one that doesn't know who he is? Does anyone have pictures or know where I can listen to his songs?


sarNie Adult
LOLs, Chewy. Of course! Me, for example.
Dang, I'm extremely b*tchy in real life.


But if you don't know me, I'm so innocent.

*Mai, your comment is err...LOLs. ;)
lol..joey ur funny. i didnt kno u changed ur i was like, who the heck's this? lol


sarNie Hatchling
I went to high school with him and for what I remember, he's a pretty decent guy. He was friends with my cousins and they were one of the first to listen to his music. Haven't seen him for couple of years now and don't know if he's changed but he was pretty nice back then.


saw him perform and host a couple events before....he seems to be a nice guy....the song he wrote are good to listen to....but the song that he resing, i don't felt doesn't suit some of you mention, his flute music are awesome!.....


sarNie Egg
Ciaj Sia's music is really good. His vocals are alrite. His films...iono?????

I think he's a decent guy and all, but I kind of question his personality and behaviors. You know that whenever there is a Hmong poster that is trying to promote a talented people or a party for Fresno people...Ciaj Sia's picture is always there. He is always involved with it. It kind of makes me question whether he is too involved with trying to be famous, or I don't know, maybe that all he wants is connections with the good and famous people, for example, PZK and DV.

But I don't know. This is just my opinion, you know? But yea. I also heard from people that Ciaj Sia was promoting Brian Thao, you know? I didn't go to Sacramento New Year. I thought it was lame and too many gang-related people, but yeah. I heard that Ciaj Sia was trying to promote Brian Thao by having him sing his songs. Ciaj Sia was telling the audience and crowd that this was Brian Thao and please support him, but when the guy went out and sang, it wasn't Brian Thao. Brian Thao was there, but he was in the booth only and he didn't even sing his own song.

This is just what I heard. I don't know whether or not it was true though. In all honesty, if he did do that. That's really messed up. Not only is he fooling the audience, but the real artist is right there. How is he supposed to feel when a different guy is singing his song, and Ciaj Sia tells others that that other guy is him? You know what I mean?

I don't come here often, but I really like what you guys, as members, post. All of you are honest and very true to yourself.


sarNie Egg
^hahah. .. like some of us in here .. :p
LMAO...u took the words right out of my mouth.

We're all HUMAN BEINGS. We're all entitled to act stupid and selfish...even those who have a little more talent, like singing and acting, than the rest of us. So, I don't really care about their personal lives, as long as their not hurting anyone else, like murder or discriminating, than keep on doing what your good at.

Haven't you talked about someone or treated someone unfairly? No one wants to be the bad guy but we've all done it. I know I have.