Does anyone know where I can buy actual Hmong movies (not dubbed) in minnesota or online?


sarNie Egg
There are some xab movies that I want to buy but I don't know where to find them. There used to be stores in Hmong village or town where you could buy them but I don't know if they are still there anymore. Does anyone know?


sarNie Adult
It'll probably be hard to find any because so many of the hmong movie vendors closed their stores after covid hit.

Since you specifically want to watch Xab, I would suggest reaching out to him to see if he has any you can but directly from him that way he makes a direct profit from you too. If not him, then whoever might've produced them you can reach out to them. For example, Kou Thao produced a lot of old ones featuring Xab too, and would sell often at the Milwaukee Hmong New Year so maybe try asking him or if he knows any vendors you can buy from.