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ok iam taking my this saturday 14th of october peope who have experience it how was it and what made you pass any advice to give out?


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Hmmm with me I didn't need to take a test.. well I took the written test thats it.. I took Drivers Ed when I was 16 and they had a course that had requirement to do a few hours of driving .. and then after that we go to the dps and take the written test and thats it... so I don't know about yours.. but on the written test... all i can say is most of it is common sense and im sure you pay attention to ur parents drive... it shouldnt be that hard to pul the 70 percent at the least...

The actuall driving All you have to do is make sure you stay on the speed limit.... check your mirrors before you start the car.. and all that kinda stuff ... its not that hard if you think about it, but I can't say much cause I didn't take the driving part hope this help some

BUT DONT BE NERVOUS!!!and GOODLUCK !! nong sao!! me knnows yah can do it!!p


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If you've taken driver's ed, it should be easy. Just remember what your teacher thought you. I guess it's different for each state.

For mine, I live in WA, so the lady I took the driving test with just asked me to check my mirrors, headlights, etc. and then follow the directions she told me to go. I barely passed lol because I made sharp turns and didn't stop twice when I backed around the corner...and couldn't parallel park. So yeah, if you have to do those things, you should practice on those if you haven't had it down yet. :) Good luck on it.


omg, your getting it already? wow!!! i remember the last time you've asked me about driving was like when i first got my license..hahhaa aww miss u!!!!! yeah i remember you and your permit, damn has it been that long since i heard about u driving? wow!!! GoodLuck jah Nong'Sao........take care of ur self k...


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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEFORE I GO AND TALK ABOUT TODAY I WANT TO THANKS U GUYS SO MUCH FOR ADVICE I MENA TRUE THANKS FOR THE HEART IT SHOWS SOME PEOPLE IN HERE ARE SO HELPFUL TAHNKS ok today was my last lesson 6th one to go for my driving lesson and thing well the insturtor was new guy not new but just i didnt have him before he was so yelling touching my legs telling me hurry up speed it up and telling and talking and saying more stuff on the car omg i feel like punching him but his weird person his nice mean and different but i got so used of him already so when he yell not in a mad way but jsut yell i took it like he was helping me which he was his nice but just his way of teaching is little tough........ this SATURDAY i have to go to DMV for my real tests i feel like dying already now 14 mins in the car and i have to do everything check mirror,stop,intersection parrel parking omg i did it 2 times he was so yelling at me 555 head hurts epsecially being in a car 1 hour with him and his talking alot thank god he didnt always yellat me the whole time but was singing telling me to what to know his not mean just if u experience those kind of person u get it!!! remind a person who can take yelling like my intrsutor u going cry haha but me no i was even asking him questions when he was mad or telling me i did it wrong cause i want to pass the freaken tests.. and yea i graudate my driving school eduaction program lol and i live in WI


you have no problem, just lay back enjoy the ride. If you drove a go kart before then you should have no problem, or if you like adrenline rush thats even better, but definently I have faith in you you'll pass it and no I'm not jinks it either, trust me you'll do good.
in france it was harder than in america. i passed the american one easily. just relax. breath. drive.
Totally agree with u...in France the driver license is really hard and plus u have to spent a lot of money before get it on contrary in usa where is ten time more easy ....and really fast to obtain it...and don't have to wait a long time before pass the exam... :rolleyes: i get my american driver license during the first month i was there...


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aww vanida, I been in this forum for some time now, watching you going for ur licences, *tears in eye* lol


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ok heres the story i woke up at 7: 30 am and got there at 8: 50 am and my time was at 9:20 am well everybody who was taking it park in the front and i park the other side and when it was time for me i was like what the heck how come isnt my t urn yet and stupid ass u suppose to be parking in the front stupid lady was like i call your name 3 times already and u late omg wth i got there earlier but consider late for parking wrong place anywyas it went out so bad too i turn left that was right but i was suppose to be in the right side to turn left and for a second i never knew i was in the wrong side .......... the lady told me to park and i freaken hit the curb 3 times and she was bumping her asss and was saying ok this isnt working from there i knew i fail the freaken test


as long as you know how to drive you'll do good. lol so don't worry about anything AND TRY your best not to be nervous x_x it's actually really easy IF you know how to drive.

ME..i failed 2 times T_T my next test is november 3rd. I LEARN NEW THINGS EVERYTIME I PASS LOL. well first time, i couldn't back up in a straight line...second time, i did a critical error because i didn't get road..it was weird looking...and the driver yelled at me to stop T_T
and BOTH TIMES, i get my arm signals wrong LOL but the second time the guy marked it right anyways......i cried so bad the second time *TEARS UP again LOL jk

you should ALWAYS feel ready & feel like you got enuf practice before you go to the driving test. cus i never felt like i had enough practice.


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Awwwwwwwwwwwww Nong Vanida :p its ok girl .... if I had to take a driving test I wouldn't have passed either hehehehe lucky me I didn't need to take the road test just the written, but girl its natural... i think its not all that bad to fail the first one because your not sure of what its like so thats why you get nervous and mess up, but I'm sure you will do better the next time just BE CALM!! says the girl who can't drive lol hahah -___- wah im serious I can't drive...LOL i've been in more than 5 crashes within the 6 months period... but only 2 were serious... and yes my driver license is still with me hahah lol I was only at fault once out of the all, but shhhhhhhh lol my track record is not important =x lol


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Just keep at it... and if you're looking for someone who's failed their driving test roughly eight times, that's me. ;) (I stoped counting after the fourth one) And my driving instructor told me that I was one of his best students! I'm not sure how it's like in America, but make sure you check your mirrors often, be calm, take a bottle of water and have plenty of practice before the test. I guess that was part of why I failed... Anyway, I have my licence now but I don't drive, only when my parents force me to. Failing eight times has taken my will to drive away...