Episodes 1-6 Recap


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Episodes 1-4
We first meet a young Pee living in poverty with her ailing grandma. While forging for food and hoping to pick the Asoke flower to eat, Pee meets and befriends Monthai.

Monthai is preparing to leave for Australia to continue his studies. This is does not please his two faced girlfriend Wee. Nu, Monthai’s half brother, has also won a scholarship to study in Australia. Before he leaves, Nu cruelly cuts off all ties with Paa, Wee’s younger sister. Paa is the black sheep of her family because she’s actually nice and looks beyond social status, hence, her growing affection for Nu.

Pee’s life is further entangled with Monthai’s when Wee’s father hits Pee’s grandma with his car, killing her. With her last breath, Pee’s grandma asks Wee’s family to take care of Pee. Seeing Pee as free labor, they agree.

Having a husband with a wandering eye, Monthai’s mother, Koon Ying, is very suspicious of any lower class servants who may or may not have their sights set on her son. One servant, in particular, Lak, who does secretly love Monthai, stumbles onto Koon Ying’s radar. Although Monthai’s intentions are only to help Lak, he worsens the situation by always being with Lak at the wrong time. The final straw is when Lak is accused of having slept with Monthai. At wit’s end, Lak hangs herself, leaving only the crypt message, “I’m innocent,� written in blood red petals.

Shaken by Lak’s suicide and angry at his mother for her part in it, Monthai decides to depart early for Australia. Before he leaves, Pee gives him a handkerchief with an “M� she has worked all night to embroider. He gives her flowers from the Asoke tree.


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Episode 5
Shortly after Monthai’s departure, Wee’s family, along with Pee, move to Chiang Mai. For the next five years, Monthai writes to Wee. Having ugly handwriting, Wee dictates letters for Pee to write. At the end of five years, Monthai writes that he will not be returning to Thailand. A furious Wee decides to stop writing to him.

Instead, Wee starts to see other men. The one she sets out to catch is the rich landowner, Por’Liang. Although Por’Liang humors the ladies who purse him, his still harbors feelings for his real love, Man Wad. She has gone abroad to Australia to study as well, and coincidentally knows Monthai.

Unable to cut ties with Monthai as easily as Wee, Pee continues to write him using Wee’s name. For the next three years, the two write, with Pee sending him sweaters and scarves she has knitted herself as gifts. Inevitably, Monthai falls for the Wee Pee has created in her letters.

With Monthai gone so long, Koon Ying starts to lose her mind. So much so that when Nu returns and comes to greet his father, Koon Ying mistakes him for Monthai and launches into one of her frantic episodes. One night, while trying to restrain his wife from yet another one of her manic episodes, Monthai’s father suffers a heart attack and dies. When Wee’s family, minus Wee, attends his funeral, they finally see the state Koon Ying is in.

Koon Ying realizes who the family is and asks for Wee. She has made the connection that if Wee were to come stay with her, Monthai would soon return. In desperation, Ba Jian, Koon Ying’s friend and caretaker, asks the family to send Wee. When Wee refuses, the family sends Pee.


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Episode 6
Pee arrives at Monthai’s house and before she can protest, Koon Ying mistakes her for Wee. In order to not upset Koon Ying further, Ba Jian instructs Pee to continue to pretend to be Wee. All’s well until Monthai’s friend, the doctor, comes to give Koon Ying a check up. He’s seen Wee’s picture and is surprised to see Pee as Wee. Ba Jian pleads with him to play along. Koon Ying overhears their conversation.

Hurt that the real Wee has not come, Koon Ying questions Pee why she has come to take care of a sick old woman. Pee kindly answers that Koon Ying is not sick, she is getting better by the day. She tells Koon Ying that she is only taking care of her in place of Monthai. Koon Ying, then pointedly asks Pee what she’ll do if Monthai does not return. Pee tells her she’ll continue to take care of Koon Ying no matter what. Moved and consoled by Pee’s words, Koon Ying whole heartedly accepts Pee, though she does not let on that she knows the Pee is not Wee.

The doctor writes Monthai, telling him of his father’s death and his mother’s condition. Saddened by his father’s passing, Monthai finally decides to return to Thailand.


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Hi , I like ngao asoke new version . Do you know where can I watch this drama ? YouTube only have 18 episode ... Viikii , I got alot of problem with viikii . Alot of broken . Of course YouTube is the best for watch all drama but for Thailand lakorn alot of them don't have an English sub . Thanks for your helpful reply .