Favorite from S.H.E


sarNie OldFart
I don't know why but I see Ella as a boy not as a girl I think its because the first series I have seen of her wa Hana-Kimi and she looked so much like a REAL boy! Foreals, everyone (my family/friends) that watched it thought she was really a boy until me and my little sister told them she a girl in real life. But that was a really good series though.


sarNie Adult

i LOVE selina because: pretty, sweet and soft voice.
i LOVE hebe because : beautiful voice, pretty, and silly.
i LOVE ella because : down to earth, best personality, and unique voice.



she doesn't look like a boy to me...she's like princess to me....lol.....actually, if you watch some old clips of her, she's actually really girly....like when she first started her career, she's really shy.....mostly it's hebe and selina talks more...but now, she's all mighty and very hyper....and did you know that ella was even voted for #1 princess early this year?....


sarNie OldFart
omg, really i didn't know that. its not that i dislike her i do like, she's very cute!


hehe...i also love her with chun...they seems to be very comfortable with each other.....Ella is so great! She got the most voted for China Mainland man wants to marry.... :D


sarNie Egg
i love all S.H.E members but my #1 gotta be Ella.i love her and Chun in Hana Kimi.
Same as me. Ella is my fav actress. She is cute and pretty.
I like she & Chun in Hana Kimi. I wish they become a real couple one day.


Omg sunisa and rebecca I'm so with you ok i'm like in love with ella if only I was a guy...I love chun and ella in hana kimi they looked so good together.
ella is like my favirote actress right now everyday I'm always talking about her to my sisters.hehe I know i'm weird and crazy sometimes!
but I don't really care if like people say that she looks like a guy or anything cause if you really know her she can be so girlish.!
to me Ella is every beautiful....and her character in real life is is cool she is the best...
see I can go on forever about her! but I will stop now!
my fave would be ella... love her she's too cute... and her and chun are so adorable together.


sarNie Juvenile
i love ella!!! she's the best.. she's my favo actress...and my second choice will be hehb.. because she's not too hyper like ella and not to all about her beauty like selina...she's okay..


Expired Sarnie
all of them but when it comes to acting i like ella... i just want to pinch her adorable cheeks...