Have you ever...


N i n j a

have you ever thought about wanting to become the opposite sex?


yes..they want to be like me..lol...wow i sound conceited..but its true!

have u ever wondered why high school is so full of drama?


YESSS!! All the time!! :lol: The last time I got lost was when I tried to find my 4th period class.. (she moved to a different class) so i got lost <_< I forgot to listen to her when she told us where it will be and when she's moving.. :lol:

Have u ever like 2 people at once?


yes that was the cause of my last break up, it was all my fault!!!

have u ever just wondered what would happen and what u would do if one day u woke up and found that u had nothing left?


Sticky Rice
no..but i would think that i've just got robbed and became a homeless hobo haha

have you ever thought about your death?? O_O


Yepp many times... I've choked on my drink before :unsure: and so many other food.. ^_^

Have u ever loose ur voice?


yes and it was on the day of our basketball tournament, it was so horrible. I was trying to communicate with my team mates and I couldn't. I just had to use hand signals and stuff. At least we won and won a banner and trophy for our school too.

have u ever wondered what ppl mean when they say stuff u don't understand?


sarNie Adult
yes! Sometimes i can care less but other times .... like whoaaa....what the hell...i need to figure out what's going on. lols.

Have you ever sing and danced in your undies?