Hmong and Asian Celebrity Look- A- Likes


sarNie Adult
While watching Hail The Judge, I couldn't help but notice that Lawrence looked a lot like Yias Kub Li in the movie. Look at their cheek bones etc.
Lawrence NG
Yias Kub Lis
Damn, can't get the pictures to show up.


sarNie Adult
Deng Chao(from Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2009)
Vixay Yaj


sarNie Egg
hahah so suprising!! I never really thought about this! Hahah they all do really look alike!! Especially Ashley and the Ann thai actress! lol


sarNie Adult
Waii, the Kamikaze hip-pop singer and the main girl from Xab Thoj movie, Nroob Lauj. Something like that. They look very similar!


sarNie Adult
Are there any more lookalikes that anyone has found?
It's so cool seeing people of different nationality looking so alike.