how big of a fan are you?


sarNie Elites
how big? umm...i once was. i was only young like middle school...i had like all posters all over of my bedroom wouldn't see any white spot on the wall until i had to move out which made me realized i shouldn't put it more since i had to pull it off and there were some ripped <_< so i stopped putting it up. i just saved it on cd to less the problem. LOL :lol:


Muddie MuRda said:
uhh e_e I just buy the CDs.....that's all....

kekeke I'm a BIG fan. ^_^
IF i actually buy thte CD rather than dl it hahah i must be a super de duper big fan haha yes im that CHEAP :rolleyes:


sarNie Juvenile
i have one folder dedicated to one actor/actress or singer lol i dont usually buy their cds unless i REALLY want it, i dont rent their lakorn---dont really have to cause my family owns a store, but i dont usually rent, i just dl... but 2 years ago i was OBSESSED :mellow:


I made a does that count..

okay I don't buy magazine...but I don't consider myself a #1 fan of any of the stars I admire...I am just a good fan


sarNie Hatchling
oh really no pics for your guys? maybe I really like them since I put pictures up on my wall. I used to put a star pic on my folder to school back in the days too.


i was kob-krazed... and still is but i don't go overboard like i use too... i still have her picture on my wall though and her magazines... my refrigerator upstair use to have her picture and pete but my mommy took it out cuzz we bought a new frig and she didnt want anything posted on it... my closet shelf is filled wiff her lakorn, not all but most... now i save them on a cd too, her lakorns and her talkshows and her mv from her mistine commericial... now don't get me wrong haha i got other stars too like aom, tik, oil just to name a few... but they're not all over my wall now juss small sections... and my baybee num... you know the iron-on sheets??? well i made a shirt wiff num picture on it and in my mommy car there is a small picture of kob and num from koon paw rub jarng that i made with the iron-on sheet that i sticked in the corner of the front window... hmm i use to talk and talk about p'kob all the time, everything that came out of my mouth had to have p'kob name in it... sounds like an obession huh lols.. maybe im over-exaggerating...


Guest a big of a fan..then i would have to have like every single thing they release or every single thing of them or i will be like VERY FRUSTRATED..and if one thing is missing from the collection i will like be very stressed LOL.....i not really a big fan of anyone anymore....well BIG Obsessed fan.


sarNie Elites
i'm very obsessed i put their pics in my wall kiss them and talk to myself about them.
I would just die for them of him.
i'm just a crazy fan.


sarNie Adult
I rememeber when I was in my early teens. I was soo obbessed with thai stuff I have posters, CD's and mag. All my poster is laminated :p my mag. pic is all in a folder. and my cd's is I have more then onw copy. All my allowance was spend on thai stuff. As I got older its kinda faded away and when I move to MN my poster is under the bed my sister give it away to the neighbor kids who are now thai fanatic and my cd's well I still got some my bro he listen to thai song now. and onw thing I have to tell. when Lift-Oil Zoo ah-HA Album was out I bought the cd well inside the album they give U a pic. card with Lift-Oil , I lamanited the pic. pinch a hole on the side and make it like a key chain. I still have it ten years already. Now I just keep it as a memories. Soo gay