i hate it when

itS aNn

sarNie Juvenile
dude i got asked once, ARE YOU ASIAN? OR CHINESE? i wanted to slap that person so bad.. i wanted to slap some knowledge in him


i get everything. it's pretty diverse here so i get spoke to in spanish or anything... kinda like eh? here, i've got native indian, japanese, hmong, khmer, chinese, thai (lol i was at the casino, and i dunno if that lady wanted money from me or soemthing but she was like, are u thai?), spanish, vietnamese. and yes, i do get lao, and yes i am lao, and some other stuff, but aren't we all.

well i was in japan, the ppl in the airport just assumes i'm japanese and bust out their japanese on me lol... strange oh strange... i guess i can blend in with everything because when i'm in thailand, ppl just speaks to me in thai... i guess it's a situated type of thing...


sarNie Adult
It's probably because they don't realize there are other asian ethnicities out there besides Chinese and Japanese. Blame it on their ignorance and lack of proper education.
Or maybe that's all they ever come across, there are a lot of Chinese and Japanese living in specific regions (outside of their respective countries).

I'm just happy when people don't assume I'm hispanic and ask me why I can't speak Spanish. <_<