Joy Rinlanee and Alek Continue Their Sweetness By Spending New Year Together in Hong Kong


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phatman said:
Why did I come in here. My heart pains for Nott. K, I'm out of here. Haha.
Oh you weren't the only one rooting for TeamJoyNott, I too was rooting for them. I beamed everytime there were news of them and i do believed they dated but I didn't feel that Joy liked him as much as he liked her though. Her eyes never sparked when asked about him, she was so indifferent so i was not shocked at all when she broke it off with him. Poor guy was so heart broken. I hoped and hoped, sad.

Now for Joy and Alex, do you see how much glow she has now? Her eyes sparks like some worldclass flawless diamond. I feelnthat she likes him more then he likes her though. I don't doubt that he likes her too, but seems like she has more feelings. Hopefully this is the one and not, karma.


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Oh no! Not karma^^^ I wish nothing but happiness for Joy. She already told Nott not to get his hopes up too high, but he still kept pursuing her. I think she let her guards down with Alek during the filming of their lakorn. That's why he was able to get close to her. For Nott, she had her guards up because their relationship wasn't built on friendship. Joy seemed to let Alek in as a friend but found herself flattered by such a kind-hearted fella who brought joy to her life everyday. She feels comfortable in her skin when she's with him despite the 10 year age gap. There's nothing like making a woman feel beautiful and significant when society seems to beat you down for being older than the guy.


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I was shipping Joy & Nott too, but I knew that she wasn't into him as he was into her. But I kept hoping with his consistency that she would see the goodness of his heart. Nott is such a fun and caring guy. He seems warm and reliable. Maybe she wasn't having "fun" while dating him. Like, how you get so comfortable with something you don't really give it any thought. So their relationship ended up being more like a sibling feeling or a friendship.
I have to say though, Joy and Lek are cute. They were very compatible in KKTGKBL. She seems younger in spirit in those pics with Lek. They look good together.


sarNie OldFart
I'm happy for Lek and Joy. Both seem so happy.

I adore Lek soooo much. Not only is he getting more and more handsome with each day, he's smart, filial, warm, and humorous yet mature.

I feel sorry for Nott but in a way, not really. Have you guys seen their interviews? It wouldn't have worked out anyway. Both Nott and Joy are stubborn, unromantic, blunt, and unwilling to yield or change for anyone, so eventually, they would have broken up anyway because someone has to give and take at different times.

But with Lek, the dynamics are totally different. Joy used to stay at home all the time but now with Lek, she's so much more outgoing, she's always laughing, she's experiencing and welcoming new things in her life. Joy has never had the courage to do much until Lek came along. Hehe. Lek has made Joy live life differently from before, it's wonderful.❤

Don't worry guys, Nott is dating someone outside the ET industry right now. He's moved on.


Yeah, they never had any interviews together, not even a picture or hotoshoot. At least he's moved on. I hope he finds happiness in marriage soon. Haha.