New Hmong Movie: Goodbye Tus Kuv Hlub


sarNie Adult
ok. i give that girl paj zaub props although she did look a little camera shy. honesty imo i dont think i'm gonna spend my money on this movie. it doesnt look promising and the editing doesnt look professional. i have every right to voice my opinion :D have a nice day


sarNie Adult
looks... hmong.
hope it's good.
and not like them typical ones.
but even still,
hmong folks still like them.


sarNie Hatchling
i saw the demo of this clip w/ the song... it was nice... well is it a movie or a music video... juz wounder... cause i thougt it was a music video....


sarNie Granny
i don't think that chen match her at all....and for me i think the movie is going to be borring..thanks for sharing though.


sarNie Juvenile
why do i feel like she's acting with like a guy who can be her dad already. i don't hate him or anything but he's old enough to be her dad already.


sarNie Oldmaid
she's pretty.. but she seems kinda shy.. although it is her first movie. so i give her props.. :)

chen, arg. what a cry baby.. looks like a good movie.. i might want to watch it.. :)


sarNie Juvenile
I'm not a fan of hmong movies...BUT I do love those every ghetto ones Nraug Laus..haha...


sarNie Adult
aww...the clip is sooo sad....i love it!!! wow, i am so proud of chen and paj zab......i wanna see more clip if them....if have it....


sarNie Adult
what a sad clip... and I was even more saddened when nom phaj admitted that he didn't want to kick chen out too..

I wanna see it :D BUT if it's just lame like "Ib zaug hauv lub neej" then forget it..


sarNie Adult
Are you serious..
i'm not even looking forward to Chang's movies.. his movies are stupid...sorry for those who like it..


sarNie Adult
personally, I think that Chen is attractive for a Hmong actor.. it's just his acting that doesn't quite strike me..
I think he also has crappy roles.. maybe he doesn't have any chemistry with the actresses...
for some acting to be a success, there needs to be good chemistry.. in all of his previous movies he didn't seem to have any chemistry with his actresses (well, in my opinion)... maybe in this movie things will change, since I think that the actress in this new movie seems to be different from the last few actresses..? I don't know. maybe its just me.