Pinky's Memory Box


Sorry if the pics are too dark..hehe Many people said it's too dark.but I can't help it, I like taking pics in the dark.. ^_^



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awww naruk jarng so how old are u?? lol hahah wondering shall i call u nong or p' haha most likely nong T_O lol and finally u post something for us to get to know u instead of all BM lol

Ohhhhhhhh and im Tina


Thank u na ka p" Tina and yajvaj!! hehe! I'm 13 I guess I'm ur Nong... :lol: I can call u P' Tina right? :D I love calling someone P' hehe I sound fulley Thai.. haha Yeahhh I just got around into other parts of Sarnworld other than the Request place.. :lol: I saw that many people shared their pics, so i mind as well share mine since I have some of them uploaded on photobucket already.. lol


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^Penny..i always see you posting around in the pictures *supspiciousness rising* lol

buut anyways oOoH soo many hot girls here on sworld hahah xD


pinky you're very cute! you should try cutting your hair short! dude we can be best friends! but i like to take pictures in the light!
thanks :D hahaha!! I'm never cutting my hair short.. :lol: That's one thing I've always tried avoiding since I was 5! hahaha! I never want my hair to be short.. :lol: I like it long..haha My mom had to drag me to go cut my hair when I was 5...OMG! I screamed so loud!!! :lol: so she decided to cut only 3 inches off ^_^ haha yeahh sureeee!! I love new friends!! :D That's alright! lol even though u like taking in the light, we can still be friends! :p

Thank u for the comment na ka P' Tao


tao i totally do not understand what you're saying!? *points gun to her head and demands for answer*


so what do you mean pinky? i stand in the light and you stand in the dark while we take picutres? lol

:lol: Sounds coool! haha Does that make me evil? :unsure: lol

Here are some of the pics when I went to Mississippi with my parents and 2 of my besties :D It was the best time ever!! hehe!

:lol: My friend is a NINJA!! she always sneak up in my pics! <_< lol

Hey Penny!!! Here's a another pic of me in the light!! lol


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You are too cute! And o my....soo young too. A young and cute chick. You better be careful on sworld.