Prajan See Roong (Lakorn Thai)


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Lakorn: Prajan See Roong พระจันทร์สีรุ้ง [ The Rainbow Moon ]
Cast: Bie Sukrit & Aff Taksaorn
TV3: Lakorn Thai Production
Air: June 3, 2009 - July 23, 2009 [Wed/Thurs 8:30 pm Thailand time]
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"Prajan See Roong" (The Rainbow Moon)

News from Kom Chud Luek newspaper and

Aff has a lot of lakorns.


sarNie Oldmaid
Yay Aff more lakorns.

But with Bie? I like his voice and him in Hua Jai Sila but I think he looks too tiny for Aff :p


Staff member
omggggggg ahhhhhhhhhhh bie?! LOL but Aff?! that would look a little weird because Aff looks a little to mature for Bie >.< LOL but we'll see what happens Aff goes well with many


sarNie Adult
BIE AND AFF!!??? that was an unexpected one!!! i can't picture them! aff is freakin' busy, ch3 celebs are always filled with work it seems.


sarNie Adult
this is odd...never ever imagine this two would pair up together. love both bie and aff, but wow...very odd...i mean both are beautiful and handsome, but would make a good couple. hmm


sarNie Juvenile
is this true/confirmed ???
i first saw bie's name n i was lik yay and then to see it next to aff's i was like omg
i have been waiting for a bie lakorn soo bad....
aff is a busy busy busy girl... but i cant wait to see all of her works
bie and aff together... agree with uz above .. its gonna b lil bit weird she does look too mature for her...


sarNie Fansubber
In this lakorn Bie's gonna play as a famous singer who is raised up by a gay father (played by P'Off Pongpat).


Glamorous Diamond
omg...can't believe that bie & aff gonna be in a lakorn together...he got the looks and she got the beauty...can't wait already....i hope it's true...i have been waiting for this moment them...


Glamorous Diamond
wishbone...can you define what the title of this lakorn mean?....i really want to know...thanks...


sarNie Adult
this is excitingly weird...I would've never thought of these two in like a million, actually eventually I would have fantasies it but wow...I don't know if I was more happy or surprised or "huh?" or all three together!
weird coupling: yes, but I love them both and I know aff can pull this one off...I can't wait to see now!!!
aff w/ mart, aff w/aum, aff w/ken, aff w/ rome, aff w/bie...I wonder who next, I think beam should get one cause dan already did...and maybe one with chai where he's pr'ek


sarNie OldFart
Omggggggg! Are you serious? Oh my. I am so excited Bie is onscreen again but Aff weird pairing. But they probably can pull it off as a pair. I mean Dan is really young for Aff but I loved them together :) I can't wait for this but it'll be forever for it to air probably since Aff gots too many lakorns lined up! Bie is short though, Tee-Hee! I am so surprised though. I didn't think Bie would ever do lakorns with CH3! I know want to see him with other CH3 actresses!