Recession Era


sarNie Hatchling
America is in such a recessin era that I'm afraid of spending money like I use to. It is a known fact that American's dollar has dropped signficantly and people are still spending money like crazy and not thinking of the consequence. We need to save more money because America can go bankrupt at anytime (scary). If you have some cash flowing around you need to invest in CD's or some type of high interest savings. Maybe I'm thinking too much out of nothing or maybe I fear another Great Depression, but it doesn't hurt to be on the safe side and be wise with your money. Good Luck!!

what do you all think? ^_^


The people who are spending money like crazy actually helps to stimulate the economy. But I actually don't see people spending money like crazy because generally January-February is classified as the "low season." It starts to pick up again right around Valentine's day.


sarNie Adult
first of all, wow.
you're smart.
are you a college student? :)

im scared too because the dollar's value is falling,
but... hopefully the smart people will find a way.

and them interest rates.... um um...


sarNie Adult
We're not actually in recession yet but many people fear that we're heading that way.
Saving up is nice but like Nai said, spending money helps stimulate the economy. That's why they're giving more money back to indiviuals with their tax returns. They're hoping that people will spend it.

I highly doubt we'll enter another Great Depression. My boyfriend has stocks in a lot of big companies, there have been moments where he wants to completely pull out but it hasn't gotten that bad, yet.

I also agree with Nai in that I haven't seen anyone spending money like crazy. Holiday seasons tend to generate more money for obvious reasons, when you hit months like Jan. and early Feb. where there's really nothing to spend money on, why would you?


sarNie Juvenile
all i have to say is chances of us having anotehr great depression in this day in age is very low that is all i have to say then end or is really its the en of wat i have to say :lol:


sarNie Hatchling
Chances of the US having another "GREAT DEPRESSION" is super low. Although the American dollar value is dropping very low, we still have a chance to bring it back up by strengthening the economy. I still spend money on ridiculous things that I don't need but then again I won't make myself go broke. Hopefully by Bush lowering the interest rates.. that will somewhat help the economy get started again. Keeping my fingers crossed! So that I can travel abroad and have the dollar back up to its regular value.


sarNie Adult
2 negative quarters of negative GDP make a recession,,, and in an election year we can't have that so two short term fixes being implemented tax rebate checks and lowering interest rates will fix that... the long term effect i see coming in the future unless we get some real fiscal responsibility back into the economy is less innovation and more personal debt... i believe higher interest rates bring foriegn investors back and strengthen the US dollar value and also helps people adjust to more person credit responsibility,,, but it all means nothing with our nations mounting debt to this war on terrorism with no end in sight and the military out sourcing traditional military rolls as corporate welfare(KBR and Haloburton) and with political corporate profit a reason not to end our down ward spiral of the american values to the rest of the world... we can only follow the trend if we keep being a part of the problem and not get our own personal money matters in order and vote for change!!!

ps. my 2 cents oh wait its 1.5 cents now right---lmao

pss. i am a traditional republican but people we have mounting serious problems coming!!!


sarNie Hatchling
If the US falls, other economies will fall too. The US owes a lot of money to other countries, so it seems we might owe they indefinitely. An argument can be made that if we didn't remain in the red (trade-wise, at least), that international economies wouldn't be so strong. Someone has to be in debt for the others to thrive. Not all countries can save. Given, the US household savings rate has been negative for the past...three years? The average American can do better, but indeed, spending is good. And it hasn't really hurt FDI, has it?


yeah i'm a little worried bout it too. because we cause everyone to fall down with us...and i still want us to be the most powerful country economically BUT we're falling and falling more each year..which sucks...cus truth is...everyone hates us deep down-_-
but then o_o i think we can get out of it.. because we have more knowledge
BUT I STILL DON'T KNOW . economics sucks!
i don't think we should be spending so much to speed up the economy...o_o welll we should invest more and all but .. spending ? like the u.s savings bank thing is SO NEGATIVE .
we should save more -_-
but yeah i'm in the second most miserable city...where recession is kinda hitting the worst hahhaha -_-