Which one would you like to wear?

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sarNie Granny
i really like the ninja LOL>>>> but the line is off .....can i change it to " is there an "R" scene ? " LOL>>>> so muddie make dis ??? girl , u got skill ! Ya know wat be really funniee if the ninja is a monkey hahahahhaahh . Shoot , ya girls just make my day !! I like it so much dat ... wat the heck ! i'm callin up my friend to place an order for 100 print on t-shirts for me asap. Those dat want one ... let me think ... im selling them at $13 . I go put it for sell on the main page LOL >>> peace out ... soo funnie!!!


sarNie Egg
i like the ninja one also.

and not to get technical or anything but it should be 'where are the "R" scenes at?' since 'scenes' is plural. sorry, i am the gramatic b*t*h right now. it was bothering me. we can still keep it the way it is (especially for the FOBNESS effect)...just wanted you to know in case you didn't catch that.


damn not everyone wants to wear a perverted shirt in sarnworld! LOL jk : D
obviously the ninja one is winning so far ahead of everyone else
all the designs are good !!


i would agree w/ those who vote for the ninja one.
sure it's cute, but i also think the first one is nice too.


sarNie Hatchling
the ninja one is so cute..haha i'm going to vote for that one..
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