should school be a longer year???


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it is already a year longer for me... trust me its a pain in the ass -____- but overall it aint that bad.. but still TT_TT


Oh Heck No.......I hate school, it is too much for me and anyone!!!!!!! Why do you ask Vanida????


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lek_24/7 said:
Oh Heck No.......I hate school, it is too much for me and anyone!!!!!!! Why do you ask Vanida????
I ask b/c this is for my english class i have to do a reseach paper on this question "Should school year be longer" i have to pick one and iam going against should not be longer i want to interview people here to see what they thinking and it would really help me with it 100 points -_- so need more advice and ideas from people pretty sad we have over 1000 members and seem like 15/1000 are active welll whatever then :p


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I don't think so...what do you have to look forward to end...because there really is no end in the school year.

Throughout high school and elementary school...we would always count the days we'd have have left in school...and when it was like a week left everyone would get real lazy and just stop showing up...and the classes are more relaxed, but if we had classes all year, we really can't look forward to a real summer vacation.

I have taken classes all year round though including saturdays...I didn't like it.



100% SURE....

school is too stressful FOR A year..people might go too krazyy cuz vacation isnt even near a year...we should have longer vacations!! BUT THEN imma get lazy t_t


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too stressful for me to handle... if there's actually a full year for school, for sure we would be sooo overwhelmed with projects, exams, homeworks, what the heck- EVERYTHING! we should have some breaks to ourselves since we should have rest some, right? hehe.


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u should come up w/ pros n cons of the 2....

n say y it's good to have longer school year n why it's a bad idea..

I had a longer school year...sept to jul...w/ short spring break n summer...everyday for 5 days a week...starting 8: 45 - 4: 15

I didn't like at I had to wear does help prepare me better for college n save time in the morning of picking out which clothes to wear


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Yes I want school to be LONGER. Actually they shouldn't have any summer off 555.. reason cuz i"m done with school and no more suffering for me... LOL...