Sririta Jensen and Chakrit Yamnarm


Wow, they'd make a great pair in a lakorn. I'd love to see them as an on screen couple, that'd be interesting! How do we go about requesting that?! It should've been done already.
Sririta looks pretty as always...especially in the second to last picture. I don't know about her and chakrit in a lakorn together though...hmm...the pairing seems off to me somehow.


Rita is sooo effin' gorgeous !
Although i don't like Krit much,
dayumm i would love to watch them in a lakorn together (=
i miss seeing her takin Nang'ek roles!!


sarNie Oldmaid
Wow sirita is just so breathtaking. I miss her so much as n'ke. Chaikrit and her do look good together but it does look a little weird since I never picture the two before.


sarNie Coma
rita have a killer bod! shes curvaceous and not like a stick figure..her and chakrit is so HOT together..i wanna see a lakorn with them two


sarNie Adult
It will nice if they act in a drama together. I never see them do photoshoot together before but these pictures of them are hot. Rita always has a nice photoshoot with a nice body.


sarNie Adult
Chakrit is soo good lookin! I'm not a fan of Rita, but they both do look good together.