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sarNie Egg

I don't know really where I should be posting this, since it's rather...universal. So I'll just post it here. :)

The thing is, I love music, but I don't know what music to get now, I'm rather clueless about new songs and stuff since I'm only back from boarding school for 3 days now after months of exams.

So, I'd like to ask all of you here to help me, by suggesting good songs and bands/singers for me to get. FYI, I listen to all types of music, Malay, English, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian.. ALL.

If it helps, I like ballads, pop, rock, anything. If that doesn't help much, I like D2B, S.H.E., Jay Chou, Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, AAA, V6, Kinki Kids, BoA, Se7en, SuJu, Cinderella, Clash, Parn Thanaporn, Kat English, RANDOM SONGS..

It would be tiring to list all.



PS: I'm starting to grow on Fahrenheit, Kat-Tun, etc. Any good songs from them?

PPS: I'm bored at home, that's why I wanna get songs, as much as I can help it.

PPS: Thank you!!!!!


sarNie Adult
I'll post some of my favorite songs this weekend. I have a varied tastes of songs similar to you I think.

You are just talking about new songs right?


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
Aww...Daniaa, I promised to do this for you a long time, didn't I?
>_< Sorry. Oh well, let Oldsauce here do it for you. He has no
school but work. v_v I have both. Ha, ha. JK, JK! I love you.
I just downloaded P'Tong's new album. It's actually pretty good
even though her video was a bit...Provocative. However, I haven't
listened to music lately. >_< Haven't been listening to music at
all, period. Have you listened to DB2B yet? JW. DB2B is so good!
I just really want to marry Dan now. Or maybe marry P'Beam.
I'm torn in two. I'd rather be with P'Big. TToTT

*Darv's not a D2B fan. (Stab him!)


1TYM hwaiting!
I really like the korean girl group Black Pearl lately, especially their first single "I Can't Help Liking You." Sunny Hill is a newer group too and they've got some good songs. They remind me of the old 90's girl-boy duos like US or Cool. Hmmm... GReeeeN? I like their "Ai Uta" song lately too. I still haven't listened to their other songs, but I hear good things about them. Try Lee Seung Gi's third album for ballad/pop also. Big Bang and Wonder Girls are probably two of the most popular groups in Korea right now so you try them also. The Wonder Girl's "Tell Me" fever is still going on~ "tell me, tell me, t-t-t-t-tell me..." ^^

Black Pearl - 좋�걸 어떡해 (I Can't Help Liking You)
Sunny Hill - 통화연결� (Ring Back Tone)
GReeeeN - Ai Uta
Lee Seung Gi - Unfinished Story
Big Bang - Always
Wonder Girls - Tell Me
Jang Yoon Jung - 첫사랑 (First Love) - love this song too!

Tell me if you want any of them and I can upload them for you.


sarNie Egg
Hey Darv, when are you going to upload them songs for me? *wags finger accusingly*

And yeah Joey, I've downloaded DB2B even before SPM started, and I LOVE THAT ALBUM very, very much, and I think that cute song which in the chorus they mention the word 'sahai sabai' or something, you know the song's title? I have a hard time finding the title, since Ethaicd has different lining-up of the album than the track numbers I have when I downloaded it. TT_TT

P'JaM, YES PLEASE, CAN YOU UPLOAD THEM FOR ME? And if you please, can you upload them in Yousendit, since the internet connection at my home is very slow after my little brother upgraded the computer. But Yousendit works twice as fast as before. Weird...

I do listen to Big Bang, I downloaded a single which have that Korean version of This Love and the album BIG BANG 2007 or something. I can't remember the album's name. LOL..

But yes, please, upload them for me? *pussy eyes*



sarNie Adult
i love you. :p
cause you have the same music taste like me.
well... almost. you forgot POTATO. :p
and i love S.H.E too. Jay Chou too.
Clash is good too.

um... if you're not sure of what songs to listen to,
just check them out anyways.
you'll eventually find something you like. :p

take care.
im tired. *drags off*


sarNie Egg

Care to share some links with me? *wink wink*

Love to see someone having the same taste as I do. :)


sarNie Adult
DBSK!! they're Korean singers who sings in KOrean, Mandarin, and Japanese!! and their genres varies..they practically pwn Asia!!!!! I have their WHOLE Discography...and it's REALLY big...

Shinhwa!!!!!! definitely Shinhwa!! who doesn't know Shinhwa?!!!

as for females..

Wonder Girls!!!!!!! their Tell Me, Irony, and Miahan Maeum songs are addictive!!!!!

CSJH The Grace!!!!!! they can REALLY sing and dance!!!!!!!

as for ballads..I recommend..

Shin Hye Sung!! He's a member from Shinhwa! he's AWESOME!!

Lee Seung Ki!

Eru!!!! OMG..Eru!!!

Lee Soo Young!!

Younha and Yangpa are good too..and SeeYa!!

let's not forget R&B's duo..Fly To The Sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!

talking about these singers got me all spazzing now..but definitely DBSK!! They are THE singers right now..