Sw Cartoon


haha omg I got a good laugh out of this one. It's nice Namie, good job. D looks so sweet and cute. Lmao Marduk looks like a girl monkey. P'Aung looks like one of those french men with his curled mustache haha. But Namie you look like a true ninja and Muddie is ooooh so cute. :D she looks like a china doll.

Muddie Murda

LOL i look like a slut.

anyways, man darvil's looking hot! hot egg! namie looks like a merman. hahaha don't he!??! And marduk and his crown princess :p hahahaa and d is sooo cute! omo, are those devil horns!?!? o_O


sarNie Egg
AWWW! how CUTE :clap: Muddie! hahaha u looking fab! <.< didnt know you were like that! hehe good job namie!!!


sarNie Adult
hahaha....thats wayyy cute! Marduk is so pretty, D looks evily sophisticated, I didnt notice that was a g-string on Darv..I thought it was his hands covering his you know what..lol. Muddie looks like she wants to beat someone up and you look scared. lmao. Keep it up namie!


sarNie Granny
soo cute !! i got one !! i cheated but who care hahaha



sarNie Adult
I'm definately liking this.

Nameless made me look like a gay Frenchmen and sarN made me look like an old hag.

I'm probably a combination of both of those things.
lolss. nameless that was cute. hahah.

and sarn wah??? why do i have a clock face. :'( hahha.

anyways both of you guys made my morning. hahahha.

Muddie Murda

Hahaha omg sarN that's freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! SarN's all cool "Check this out" hahaha sarath's clock face...lol i knew it was her without reading her name lol. Poor grumpy darv


LOL sarNs drawing of TIMELESS LOL. the numbers SOF UNNY LOL.
ugh mud just looks creepy.*steps on her. see the way shes starring at you!


sarNie Adult
ROFL!....damn this is tooo hot. namie, u are one true ninja bro. i finally made it over here, and it was surely worth it. u made me a much lovelier mofo than i can ever be depicted as n u couldn't have been anymore accurate with flappin' monkey and his flashy lashes along with darvil's frenchman thongs :lol: and oh dear, mudster, she's got the gangsta look that can definitely take care of business :D n sarn truly added on another touch :lol: