The Eye


sarNie Hatchling
The movie wasn't really a flop, it took #2 at the box office, but yeah, Hanna Montana took over lmfaoo
But anyway, I actually was pretty impressed by the American version~ it's the first Asian horror remake out of all of them that really followed and included everything that was in the original, but catered it to be relateable to a different audience. If only more remakes were like that na..
Of course, not as good as the original by any means, (how can it, especially without Lawrence Chou?! xDD) But not absolutely HORRIBLE like all Hollywood's shoddy Japanese remakes.

I agree, I hate it when they say they're making a western version of an asian movie, then completely change the storyline, and when people say it sucks, they automatically blame the Asian original -_-

I have to admit some of the remakes are ok like The Ring that remake wasn't tooo bad... but they could have done better with one missed call; and oh man if they remake Alone it's gonna be like duhh... dude I read somewhere that they might remake "Buppah Rahtree" like wth for? i mean if the title of the movie is "Buppah Rahtree" and they use american actors and actresse's wouldn't that peculiar? Lol
I agree, The Ring and the Grudge weren't that horrible (mainly cause the original Japanese guy directed them), and The Lakehouse was pretty good, but Grudge 2 failed, Ring 2 failed, Dark Water failed, One Missed Call was a huge disappointment, they tried to add way too much computer generated effects -_-
I'm scared to see Shutter and Tale of Two Sisters :/
Though I'm kind of curious to see what America does with the whole lesbian insest overtones in ToTS xDD Probably just change the plot to wipe it out.

My Sassy Girl and Old Boy are also on the chopping block for American remakes. Ho hum.

And LMAO The day America remakes Buppah Rahtree, I'll die xDD


sarNie Adult
I saw the remake and I have to say the original Asian movie is way better. True, the remake include almost all of the scenes from the original one but I didn't enjoy it as much as I did for the original. I think people (men I guess) would go watch it just because Jesscia Alba is in it. I have to admit she is pretty but her acting was not good at all, especially the narration part. Her voice doesn't fit to be a narrative. Overall, I'll say the remake was close to the original but it won't beat it.

Also, like other people are saying, Western movies are becoming more remakes than original. I don't mind as long as they give credits to the original and geeze, would it hurt to include some Asian actors in there (LOL). Anyways, I think most remakes are disappointing because many Westerners don't believe in the stuffs that most Asians do, ex: spirits, ghosts, etc., so sometimes when they do do remakes it comes out kind of ughhh...but anyways, it's always good to try.


jessica alba is hot..T_T too bad her acting is...
sucking badly -_-
even in a REVLON commercial.
i didn't bother to see this... cus it looks like it sucks
and yeah i heard its yet ANOTHER flop by jessica alba


Expired Sarnie
okay i just watched this recently and i didnt like it. it was okay but jessica alba acting was a little too fake for me. she is hot but not in acting.


sarNie Hatchling
I watched this yesterday.. and I thought it was just like the original one.


Professional Lakorn Watcher
I watched "The Eye" the remake and thought it was pretty good. I gaven't seen the originally yet though, so I guess maybe that's why I thought it was good.

I thought it would have been better if the movie was geared towards a psychological thing where it was just all in her head. Ar one point, I really thought it was, because near the end.. the doctor witnessed her cradling nothing and talking to it, but as the viewers we saw her cradle the other girl. Overall, I thought it was oretty entertainment, but it wasn't those kinds of movie that leaves me thinking about it though.


sarNie Hatchling
I wasn't scared. I saw the Asian version already so I already know what's going to happen. The American version was almost identical to the Asian version.

The American verion was blah to me maybe because I alreay saw the other one.