The union of Mr brat & Miss loner


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Than Thanakorn starred as : Navin Na Thalang, a boy studying in Thammasat University who was orignally from Phuket. The son of a wealthy plantation owner, he's a pretty boy with the body of a devil to match who makes the hearts of girls & mature women flutter alike whenever he walks down the streets of Phuket. Oblivious to the attention, he only have heart for his childhood sweetheart, Kuning.

Navin is your typical manly southern man, tall dark & handsome with a razor sharp tougue. Although he is very "yuan guan teen" with a rebellious streak, he's a fillial son who helps his father in everything, and also assist the villagers in problems regarding their livelihood & the environment. Navin is the neighbourhood boy with an edge. He founds Kanya to be mildly irritating at best, after a chance encounter with her.

Supatchaya Reunreung starred as: Kanya Chingchanagorn. A Thai Chinese girl growing up in Bangkok, her father was a chicken rice store owner who got cheated by his friends of all his money and died of a heart attack. As she have to take care of her aging mother and work in a book store, she loses the chance of furthering her education after Mor. 6(High School) Poor,plain with zits and naive. Kanya was frequently bullied in school & lack social skills. She was dorky, and her only indulgences is her comics & historical dramas. She thought that Navin is the most "tu ret" guy she ever had the misfortune to met.

Hihi, if you think their character is worthy of a story enough please comment happy.gif


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ooh. this is gonna be intersting. I LOVE THAN .. haven't read a fanfic about him yet .. would be nice to picture his nice figure and beautiful face in one fiction .. I love him in TALOOMPUK, Siyama, and Ocean Butterfly :wub: o Oh, I LOVE HIS figure in FIGHTING BEAT too :drool: a hotty in uniform as well .. really can't wait to see you bring out his character, i love his nice bad boy looks --- SO HOT as BIKER RACER in Tong's mv too .. hope you bring out almost everything about him in this fiction ... (haha. i can go on and on talking about Than LOL )

however, i have no clue who this n'ek is .. who is she?

OMG, i just realized, i had a dream about my CITY getting FLOOD this morning .. must be the foreshadow of this fiction too :eek::


Than....isn't he the guy that star in the Dreams I mv "kon nai niyai?" and in that one lakorn with Bogie and Film? Correct me if im wrong.

Btw, story line sounds very interesting (;​


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Awesome fan fiction. I enjoyed his movie Ocean Butterfly a lot! =D Please do continue!!!


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You never know what you've got until you lose it.

“200 bahts, mister.” Kanya rubbed her bleary eyes as she collects the money from the farang. Kanya had not slept a wink since last night as she was busy helping her mother makes pineapple tarts to sells during Chinese New Year. Her mother was not a Chinese, but after marrying her father who was a Thai-Chinese she had acquire a skill for cooking Chinese cuisine & goodies that whoever eaten it have nothing but praises for her. Kanya though have nothing of her mother’s talent, and she was beaten often by her mother because of it.

From the back of the shop Kanya could hear her boss bellowing at her. “Kanya, can’t you hear the freaking trunk? Go out and get the stocks!” Typical Khun Aran, she thought grumpily. I don’t see you shouting so loud at Chompu... Chompu is Kanya’s sexy colleague, who always flirts around the book store owner, Khun Aran. And who loves to scoot off elsewhere and leaves Kanya alone. “Dirty old man...” She muttered sulkily under her breathe as she hurried to the front door to unload the goods from the trunk, just as Kanya was starting to carry the stacks of books to the shop, a shiny black Ducati speed past her, causing the dirty pavement water to splash all over her body.
Kanya gasped loudly, the water has soaked her whole body and not to mentioned the expensive foreign books that she was carrying, which the truck driver had kindly unwrap from the plastic coverings. “Kanya, why are you still standing out there? Waiting to pick up men? Don’t worry; they won’t even look at you! Get the books in, you dumb girl!”
Kanya don’t know what hit her, all she knows was that the next second she was running towards the streets, still carrying the wet books finding that cursed Ducati. And there, it was, parked outside the 7-eleven store.
She kicked the door open and started shouting,”Whose Ducati is it outside?!” People in the 7-eleven stared at her, and then a tall man appeared in front of her.

“It’s my bike, Miss. Is there any problem?” He asked, a slightly perplex look on his otherwise cool and-broodingly handsome face.
Kanya admitted grudgingly as she took in his profile. He was wearing a sleek biker jacket, which would have make her secretly swoon on any given days, but today...It was just making her blood double boiled over. “I...Well...You splash water on my body & my books when I was standing on the pavement just now! With your rotten bike! Look!” She said as she thrust the stacks of books in front of the man.

“Huh? What? I splash water on you when I was riding past you?” The man asked, then a look of apprehension settled on his face. “Oh right. Okay, Sorry. Here’s 2000 bahts for you. Is that enough? Cos that’s all I have now.”

Kanya stared at the notes he hands to her, so angry that she thought she could pass out.

She screamed “What?! You think that just some money could buy a person? You think that poor people like us have so little dignity that we would just shut up & keep quiet if you give us some money?! What do you think we are? Ants on the grounds that you could trample on any times you like? Just because...Just because we’re not rich, we’re not pretty doesn’t mean we don’t have any feelings! We are still humans you know...” With that, Kanya broke down nosily in front of the guy.


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5555, Thanks guys for your kind encouragements. I really appreciate it :lol: Supatchaya is actually Than real life girlfriend, she is in fact similar to the character I write here. I'll try my best to write this story! Thanks agin! *HUGS* And 555 Cecilia, I dreamt about the Tsunami a few days ago too! Fate uh ?


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I love those scenes where the pranangs get heated/bicker after the first meeting. Can't wait for the next update!!! =D


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Navin stared at Kanya as if she's a visitor from Mars. What the hell does this girl wants ?

"Look Miss, I've already given you all that I have with me now. Tell me how much I own you and I'll get it from the atm later, you can come with me if you don't believe. But please just shut up and stop wailing here!" Navin snarled out the last words as the sounds of Kanya crying nonstop was starting to grate on his nerves.

Navin have always been a man who was scared of a woman's tears, and was always at a lost of what to do if a girl's cries. Luckily Kuning, his girlfriend is a girl of few tears, if not Navin would have been driven to commit suicide on the Andaman sea.

Kanya was momentarily scared out of crying by Navin, that guy was so fierce! How dare him raised his voice at her after what's he've done? Kanya thought angrily. "You..hic...How me..hic..When you the wrong?!" Oh Gosh! Kanya thought, she could feel the colour of her face rising with embarrassment. Why do I have to hiccup at this time now?! Stupid Kanya!

Navin rolled his eyes at the girl who was slapping herself for God knows what now. He looked at his watch, it was 3pm now. Shit, I've just wasted so much time arguing with this silly girl now. I'm late to pick up Kuning! Navin thought with a jolt, and turn on Kanya furiously.

"Miss. I've no time for you, I've got my girlfriend to pick up. I already told you I would give you the damn money later! Why don't you go somewhere else to act out your pathetic drama to those who gives a damn!" With that, he slam the door behind him as he rush off to ride on his bike. Leaving Kanya there wishing she could just crawl into a pit and die there.

Don Meung Airport

"Win!" Kuning waves at Navin as she comes out of the arrival gate. She walked over to him and gave him a tight hug, causing the envy stares of the people around them. "You have already grow up a lot do you, Win? I hope you are breaking girls heart in Bangkok too. You have no idea how heavy my bags are from the gifts the girls gives you in Phuket." She said playfully as she pinched his adorable cheeks.

"Ha. Here Kuning, I'll carry them for you..." Navin said, blushing from his face to the roots of his ears, as he reached to carry her bags. Kuning brushes his face lightly, her eyes staring into his. "Win, I miss you so much...You have no ideas how much I yearn for this day to arrive sooner...I don't really care what Pa said about us now, just as long as we can be together...It's really all I want, Win." Kuning sighs into his neck, as she rested her head on his shoulder. Nawin patted her head with his other free hand, and said softly,"yes Kuning. I've waited for this day for so long too,we will be together. I'll ask your father for your hands, after I've graduated. Don't worry. Let's go home Kuning."

Kuning look up at him,swooning. She made the right choice choosing this guy as her lover, even though her father was against it from the start,as she's a Muslim Thai from Pattani and Navin's a Siamese from Phuket. I love him so much, he's hot and really drop dead gorgeous...And we know each other so well. Allah is really kind to me. Kuning thought happily as she wrap her arms around Navin and walk out of the airport.


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awwww it seems that Kuning and Navin are so happy together, but something is going to happen. aww Kanya was hiccuping and crying in front of Navin, i would be somewhat embarrassed too. thanks for the update :D


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Why ? Why did I have to be so stupid to bring myself so much embarrassment by confronting that guy ? I could...I could have just let it go...But his attitude really makes me wanna kick him into It's as if like I'm a piece of gum sticking on his branded shoes! That bast**d!
Kanya shakes her fists at the washing machine, as if it was Navin. Mae Nee tutted at her daughter. "What are you doing, Kanya ? One minute you was sighing and the next you seems like you want to punch the washing machine ? What are you daydreaming of ? Getting a rich husband so you can leave your poor mother here in this rat nest of a house? Get on with your washing!" Mae Nee snap impatiently at Kanya.

Kanya sighed in exasperation. Her mother really don't know her at all, but Mae Nee favorite "past time" seems to be guilt trapping her since her father's death, and Kanya was tired of this.

"Oh mother. Would you just give it a rest ? I'm not daydreaming...Just...thinking of something. And when would you guys just stop harping on how I want a boyfriend so much ? Do I look so desperate, mum ?" Kanya said indignantly, tears brimming in her eyes.

"Don't talk back at me, Kanya! You've never talk back to me before, what happened to you? Oh I know it, you must have a boyfriend do you ? He must have been the one teaching you the bad manners! Who is he, where is he ?" Mae Nee demanded furiously.

Normally Kanya would had whimper in fears if her mother was shouting at her like this, but today she just rolled her eyes.

"Mum, I don't have any boyfriends now. I...I'll do the washings later. I need to go out and run some errands now. Bye mum." Kanya quickly rushed out of the house,ignoring the yelling of her mum behind.


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Kanya kicked the twigs on the ground as she walk in the park aimlessly. She had always been a good girl, listening to her mum and hardworking at her job,though she may be clumsy and all that.

But ever since she met that crazy biker guy, her personality seems to take a dive. She was incessantly moody, crazy enough to confront him, snapping at her boss when he scolded her about the soaked books and cut her already meagre salary for 4 months, when she already gave him back 9000 bahts that Navin had returned, true to his words. And now this, talking back to her mum.

She don't know why, maybe she was just PMS-ing ? Or was it just because she had bottled up her emotions for so long, that it just take one inconsiderate fool to burst that cap bottle ?

Kanya kicked a large twig, and watch with satisfiction as it soar into the sky...and land smack on a couple sitting on the bench.

"Ouch!" The guy let out a gasp of pain and yelled, "Who's the arse that kicked this?!"

Oops. Kanya cringed inwardly. I hope he won't get too angry...

Kanya walked tentatively to the couple, trying not to look up. "Ahh...Sorry mister. That...That was me just now. I didn't mean it...Sorry..." She looked up and smile sheepishly when both she and the guy gasp in shocked.

"It's YOU again?!" They both said in unison.

"Oh Karma, whenever I see you nothing good ever happens. Khun, did I own you something in the past life?" Navin said, sighing exasperatedly.

"Hey, that should be my line! Ever since I've met you, nothing in my life ever goes well! You're the jinx instead!"
Kanya retorted back angrily.

"What?! You wretch..."

Kuning pulled Navin back, who was on the verge of doing some serious damage to Kanya.

Kuning gave Kanya an elegant smile. "Hi, I'm Kuning. Sorry to interrupt your umm...greetings with each other. But I believe that we could talk about this nicely with each other, we're not barbarians are we ? Did you guys have a previous misunderstandings ?" Kuning laughs, and flash Navin a stern look.

Kanya gave Kuning a little smile. Oh my God! This Kuning is so beautiful and elegant! She looks like a princess! Is she the girlfriend Navin said he's going to pick up ? That guy so didn't deserves a girl this good! Kanya thought, giving Navin a disgusted look.

"Hey, what's that look for ? You smell dog poo under your nose, or is it just your scent?" Navin said, still having the urge to strangle her to death.

"Navin!" Kuning said, tugging at his shirt.

"No Nai Navin. It was just your rotten smell floating towards me. Gosh, the air now is surely polluted isn't it ?" Kanya said, turning to wink at Kuning.

Navin ignored her comments, he was looking at her skirt intently instead. "Hey...Hey! What's that red patch on your skirt?" Navin said, pointing at the back of Kanya's peasant skirt.

"What ? What do you mean...?" Kanya said, a feeling of impending doom descended over her. Kanya tried to feel her skirt behind, and sure enough she could feel a dampness on it.

Kanya felt like fainting, being embarrassed the first time in front of this guy was enough, and now she have to let him see her most innermost "women matters" too ? Gosh, someone just kill me now. Kanya thought, colours draining from her face.


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Hehe, thanks guy for your encouragements! >3333 I'll work hard and try to improve on it. ^_^ Kanya that silly girl...And did i mentioned that Yui is Kuning ? Lol.


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poor Kanya, being treated like that by her mother. awww she always seems to be embarrassed when she meets Navin. GASP did she just get her period =O

ooOo Yui is Kuning. ^^


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lol, when i went to look at more of his pictures, i remember i saw him already in Siyama. he is hot. the girl is same one in Ocean Butterfly right? i haven't seen it yet though.

i made a banner for this, but i'm not sure if the girl is her LOL. well you can tell me if it's not, and i'll fix it. i hope you like it ^^ i know it's kind of plain, so i'll try to work on another.


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OMG,rahut-rissaya! Yes,the girl is her! And,THANKS so much naa ka!!! You're so kind! *HUGS* Your banner is awesome, I like it very much ^_^ Kop khun lai lai neur. And I'll work hard on this fan fic as a khong kwan for you too ^_^


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(Hehe, thks naa ka. This part may be slightly boring. But it's actually the start of something new ^_^)

“Well, it’s none of your business! That…My skirt just have a little discolouration! And what were you doing staring at my butt in the first place? Hey, stop laughing now, you scoundrel!” Kanya was stomping her feet in distress and have the urge to go over and slap the crap out of him.

Navin was chortling so much now; Kuning was actually worried that he might choke on his own saliva. He looks like Songkran have a come a month early. He smirks at Kanya and retorted

“Ha-ha-ha-ha….Ha-ha…I wasn’t staring at your butt. Nothing there except a big huge lump of flabby fats anyway. God, I can’t believe that there are grown women who acts like you, are you like actually 3 years old? So you don’t know that the “red Indians” will come to attack you today eh? You should have brought pampers, stupid. Ha-Ha…This is the stuff for Youtube!”

Navin started taking out his mobile phone and made as if to film Kanya, while Kanya was trying to swat his phone away.

Navin retract the phone swiftly in one motion and said, “Nah. I don’t think I want to waste my phone memory on you. And I think you have enough embarrassments for one day now, without my help. Just remember, don’t bother me again or you might be the stuff of entertainment for thousands of You tubers. Or worse.”

“You! You’re a guy, but your mouth is worse than an old banshee! Have you no shame, degrading a girl like this, who’s the same gender as your mother? You should wear a skirt on your head, you heartless stupid mean bully! ” Kanya was shouting, and virtually in tears now.

Navin looks momentarily stunned by this, and Kuning breaks the silence.

“Navin.” She said. “That’s not very gentlemanly of you to make fun of Miss Kanya . I’m a woman too, I understand the situation. Not every times we can be prepared when something like this happens. Navin, I saw that there’s an extra shorts in your bag. Can you give it to Miss Kanya?”

Navin eyes went big. “No way, Kuning! That’s my Arsenal team football shorts that I wanted to use to play football with later! Sorry little girl, but I don’t run a salvation army here.” He said, glaring at Kanya and then turning to Kuning.

Too late. She was already rummaging through his Addias bag to find the shorts. “Ah, there it is Kanya! Here you go, quickly change into it.” Kuning held up the shorts to her, smiling kindly.

Kanya look hesitantly at the shorts; she doesn’t really want to change into it. Seeing as it belongs to that guy, but Kuning was being so nice about it, and on second thought it’s better to be humiliated in front of two persons than a whole lot of people.

“Thanks Kuning, you’re really nice. Um, but how do I return it later?” Kanya asked.

“Oh. I guess you could just call us. Would that be all right with you, Navin?” Kuning said, smiling sweetly at Navin.

“Fine! Just my luck to run into her! Give her my phone number.” Navin said surly, and storm off, with Kuning running after him.


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Thank you! I missed a few updates but now I am caught up. Ugh I hate it when it happens. And yes we women are not always prepared. I am surprise she hasn’t gone off on Navin. Women are scary when their month comes or maybe that is just me lol