The Vineyard Man [Yoon Eung Hye, Oh Man Seok]


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Cast: Yoon Eung Hye, Oh Man Seok, Kang Eun-Bi & Kim Ji Suk
Airing Time:
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Storyline: In this romantic-comical drama, YEH plays the role Lee Ji Hyun (이지현) who grew up in countryside and then lives in city. Ji Hyun works as a designer for a clothing company, but she is fired by the company. Although she would like to design clothes using her name as the brand, she has no money to accomplish her goal. Then she accepts her grandfather’s suggestion to inherit a large vineyard, and she is involved in the development of a resort for 1 billion Won in the countryside. OMS plays the role Jang Taek Gi (장택기) who is an honest young man working in a vineyard to help his father.
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1TYM hwaiting!
Whoa! YEH's new series, eh? I hope her character isn't the same as Chaegyung from Goong...I thought she was a little annoying. Kim Jisuk is in this one! Haha, I love that guy! but I guess he's not the main guy...:( It's alright...just hope he doesn't turn evil or something. I have no idea who that main guy is but in that picture he looks a lot like Lee Seung Gi..aha.. And also Kang Eunbi is in this? She was really annoying when I saw her on X-Man, however, after watching some Rainbow Romance, she doesn't seem that bad.

The storyline of the series seems pretty typical and I can already predict what's going to happen...however, I might still watch it ^_^ I'll wait until subs comes out for it :D


Super Momo
OMS is the main guy he isnt ahem handsome but we'll see his acting lol im waiting for the subs or more episode to release before watching have so many thing on my comp -____- gotta make some space lol


Super Momo
updated. Ep 3 released on LQ. DD server


sarNie Adult
aaah..i wanna watch this series! Hiatus, please inform us when the subs are ready na.. ^_^ thanks in advance.


Super Momo
updated. ep 5 released.. I was too lazy to edit last night lmao oh well here it is.. all LOW quality files... sorry only have the HQ for the 2 first episodes


Super Momo
Penny said:
episode 6 is out also!!! =DD.. i love it so far!! and they had to stop at a good point!! i'm going crazy i can't wait for episode 7!!!
yeah I know lol just edited my post on both soompi & sw


sarNie Adult
this drama is kinda cute but I haven't really paid attention to it..i've been watching How much Love...that one is good...


sarNie Adult
she is soooo funny in here! I love it when she fell in her own shit! lol that was funny!


i hate the beginning of it..its kinda draggy but i LOVE THE MAIN GUY.
near the ending was good LOL
eunhye looked gorgeous in there all bronzed and golden tanned LOL


sarNie Elites
i didn't really like this series i thought it was boring becasue it was all about vine yard vine yard the storyline didn't really go anywhere and the love thing it kinda went to quickly for them well the main girl! I thougt the series was going to be very good and at the end i was very disapointed.