this makes me angry!


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Here's my 2 old is your friend by the way?

Not to be any meaner to your friend ....but he ppl like her need a reality check. I suggest you log her onto Sarnworld and let her read all these comments. In all honestly, does she not have any love or self respect for herself? in any case the child that is growing inside her day by day.

Whether she decides to keep the child or thing is for sure she needs to kick her ex. bf ass to the curb. Now you mentioned that she keeps thinking that'll he'll change. I hate when women think that they can turn/change a guy (especially guys like him). Clearly his actions so far, show you how much he values the relationship. Can you only imagine if they were to stay together what sort of family life she would have?

As a friend I suggest you tell her your thoughts. If she takes your advice, great. If not, in all honestly you did your the end she'll only realize that her misery is the result of her own stupity and poor judgement (if she chooses to stay with him).

I too am glad to hear she dropped the guy......let's hope it stays that way.


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wow LDi much agreed. I think if your friend does log in and see all the comments and remarks based on this subject she would realize alot... for one all the mistakes she let herself make... I notice how I tend to sugarcoat alot of my words, but in all reality and all honesty I think if she got hurt the first time because of him then there is a plausble cause for her to blame him, but the 2nd time and so forth its herself she should blame..

"you hurt me once its your fault, you hurt me twice and a third..its my fault"

Alot of what I say now may be a contradict to what I may have previously said, but opinions change sometimes and from seeing the events of this and others I guess mines changed ;)

And as you did say she always thought he would change.. hopefully this time she is seriously walking away



Im glad that his mother took her side.

Now, one thing I hate to hear from girls who are with-child is that they only want to stay with the bf just so the child can have a father. If he couldn't straighten his act right and has such a rude character, what potential does he have that qualifies as being a father?

Oh well, who knows. Maybe he will change when the child is born. Maybe he will start maturing more into a real adult. Maybe he will see life differently because he is a father.


One can only hope for that glory of fatherhood.


Thank god she did that!! and I'm happy for her.. oh btw I would've said BEAT THE SENSE INTO HIM!! haha but then that's resorting to violence.. wait.. so WHAT he's an A**HOLE!! hahahah =P but im glad everyting is good and I hope everything will be fine... ^_^ tell her to call me sometime I can listen to her ^_^


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:[ Sad news! She had a miscarriage. But, there was something fishy that she probably isn't telling me. When I came back from my vacation [I was gone for a month], she told me she had a miscarriage something dealing with not getting enough nutrients. She wouldn't tell me the whole story but I think it has to deal with her stupid ex bf, Cody [baby's daddy.] I'm sooo angry right now! I don't know whether it was a miscarriage or an abortion. I don't want to nag her about it because her situation is already bad. Any more advice?


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be there for her, and make sure she doesnt get hurt again, not all guys are like this by the way, so smile soupansa....


awwww. I feel really sorry for her. Yes be there for her but she should open up to u about what she is going through,she needs to tell the story in full. Maybe that would make her feel more relieved because keeping something to yourself is not good. anyways i think the best u can do right now is give her ur support and let her know that shit happens in life but u have to get over it and move on. and especially don't make the same mistakes twice. if he wasn't good enough in the first place no matter how many chances he gets, he still wont be. The most important thing for her now is she needs a shoulder to lean on and that can be you. Help her and she can get over it!


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...sorry to hear your friend lost the baby one way or the other :( but i think you friend needs to understand one thing this guy is an a$$ as most kids are that handle these situations the way he is and that’s what it sounds like he is,,, a kid...Guys don't change because you want them too!!! Guys change because they want too!!! girls need to realize this and the sooner they do the less heart break they will find in men... sex does not change a man... men change when love is true and maturity finds them in time...there are simple things to look for in a man ,,,how responsible is he with his personal affairs,,, does he lie about things he wants and they never appear and a big one how does he manage his finances,,, is he a punk in these matters or is he a man that changes for you in the relationship as it matures... maybe he just falls asleep when he gets what he wants if he does this he's a punk!!! :angry:


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Wow sad news, but I hope shes doing better and Maybe you should ask her .. if you two are close and she confided in you from start then you have the right to know the end ... I think its a little careless of her to keep you wondering.. I know she knows your wondering, but if you do seriously want to know then best bet would be to ask her... and I hope she won't repeat her mistakes seeing what it lead her to o___O my advice to her is

"he hurts you once its his fault, he hurts you twice then your the fool."

a little mean about that but its true... only you can fix the things that you are wrong in ... only you can decided if you want to walk down that same cold dark scary road again or take the safe road...


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... the best thing to do is support her without questions until shes able to tell you and then after that kill the guy ^.-


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seems like a lakorn..

but umms..i'm thinking..if he doesn't want the child..and doesn't love her why is she keeping it?

but then i can feel her position..when u love someone..u jsut wanna hold on to them until you can't anymore.


hm you can't really do nuttin cus shes gona have to realize it herself.
the more you try to do something shes just gona keep going back.
most u can do is be there for him when he hurts her again <_<


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Sooo I found out it was her choice to abort the baby. She said it was the best for the both of them & she's moving on with her life. It's not my business, but I'm kind of pissed she lied to me about having a miscarriage and sh*t. Don't mind my language, just a very angry friend. Well, the end for them blah blah blah. Now, I feel like a loser for trying to help. Ohhh well, we move on. THE END.