Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo


sarNie Juvenile
hey is it out yet??? my sister them told me that they saw tub yaj new movie out with ntxawm and also a music video too well if you had seen the movie then how is it


sarNie Adult
I thought this movie came out last summer? The title of it sounds familiar.
It is the first movie that I've seen Ntxawm Yaj in...


sarNie Hatchling
they mean part 4-6...just came out last weekend......have anyone watch it? how was it


sarNie Hatchling
so does it have 6 parts then?? just want to knoe so i can go buy it. 6 parts is too much to watch. i hope it gets good n not terrible.


sarNie Granny
chubby.....everyone gets chubby once a lifetime...i hope its not another crying forever movie....the lilo gal should not cry 24-7 during this whole movie or it'll be a waste...anyone watch this movie sis would probably want a summary.....
I watched it with my aunt and uncle... keke! I was okae; wasnt really all that... The looks for them didnt match. I mean yeah its Tou and Ntxawm, but when they turned OLD they could have changed the character at least. Like those old people... Would have looked much better... keke! But my aunt kept saying it was like this INDIA MOVIE! What INDIA movie? Confused? keke!!! Is a hindu movie that is similar to this movie?


sarNie Hatchling
I saw the preview in the new music video. The MV is all right, I like some of the songs, especially the slower/romantic songs. Tub's voice got better/huskier. Lyrics are OK, not great not bad.

They don't match the looks...Well he does more than she does. She has no "wrinkles" or anything, just gray hair. 3 parts is kinda long though...


sarNie Juvenile
my mom brought the movie at j4 tournment and my thoughts on the movie is it was okay....i like the other two parts before this new movie....=D