Valentines Day!!!


onestupidguy said:
Man.. valentines, the day that makes guys all around the world broke except japan and korean, who follow "white day". But my luck sucks.. she wants it "thai" style.. so gotta do sth this valentines.. out of creativity, out of cash..

just gonna give her this...

WATs thai style though?
HMM THAT gift is CUTE. but sort of plain to be honestt. is that all you giving herr.?

but yeah ITS ACTUALLY a good time to be single, i LOVE valentines day cuz doesnt it make you happy your single?!!!! <33 run around the streets ..couples everywheree but your alone and happy thast A GOOD feeling :shock:


sarNie Elites
"valentine's day...anything special?"


...ME!!! YOU WANT?? haha even putting myself up for "grabs", you know! lmao :p