Vee-Nok broke up!


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They were together for 3 years and at last it has to come to an end between the love of Vee Veeraparp and Nok Usanee. We saw the two at the TV Pool’s 19th Birthday party and we noticed her face a little sad and down and she has admitted that they’ve been separated for awhile now but doesn’t want to say too much. Vee on the other hand, revealed:

“We’ve been separated for 2-3 weeks now. Everything is just not in place anymore. I‘m not seeing someone new. Both of us haven’t seen each other and both of us are working right now. But we still talk on the phone and ask what’s up.�

Is there a chance that you might return to each other?
“I don’t know. But I’m open about it. If Nok sees someone else then I want her to take it slow. But right now, we’re both not seeing anyone new.�

Who’s the one that broke it off?
“We both understand the situation what we should do. We’re both adults now, we don’t have time to sit down and think of this kind of stuff, but there wasn’t anything to the point where it got rough.�

What’s the real reason why you guys broke up?
“If you want me to answer like a celebrity saying that we couldn’t go with each other anymore, then that’s not the case. We’ve been together for 3 years now and like I said they are other things that weren’t in place. I want to work too so we took it slowly but if I let this relationship go on any further than we’re both going to get hurt. Like this is okay already. We didn’t break up like something bad , we still talk on the phone, and care for each other. But there’s no more of the boy/girl friend relationship.�

Is it because of your Casanova title?
“No, it has nothing to do with it. I have no one right now but if you see me in pictures with other girls as of right now, then that’s my rights because Nok and I broke up. But if there’s chance for us to return, that’s up to the future to decide.�

Are you hurt?
“ A little because we’ve been together for 3 years, that’s a long time and as for Nok, I can tell she’s hurt. But it happened already, so I don’t know.�

Do you think it’s because of the 3 number curse?
“That's probably has nothing to do with it. We just couldn’t be with each other anymore.�

Did you cry about it?
“There was time but I prepared myself already that someday this day will come. But I still want the best for Nok though. If she sees someone, I want that person to be truthful and honest with her.�

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Translated by:me, Thip


sarNie OldFart
Thanks for the news Thip :( So sad they both do care about each other and are so sweet. I hope they'll be able to get back together someday. I really liked them together.


sarNie OldFart
Her name is NOK USANEE. She was in Duay Ruk Hang Ruk with Noon&Mos, Luerd Nai Din with Kwan&Arnas, Baan Grai Hua Jai Tid Gan with Nam Rapeepat, Happy Hunting (don't remember thai title) with Woot&Sai, Duang Duang Haruthai with Kwan&Wier. That's all I can remember ;)


I have Nok's side of the story from the entire article is in the Oops! Magazine

The article says if you hate eachother and break-up its less painful than when you love one another and break up as in the case of Nok Usanee and Vee Veerapab.

Nok says "our love was one that was very true (jing jai...can't think of the right words to say for jing jai right now lol), and that while we were together I never talked to anyone else and P'Vee was very good to me, he stopped his playboy ways, and was always serious.

So what made your relationship come to an end?

Nok says "No one is wrong but we each have our own reasons and our wants are different. Sometimes one of us wants to do this and the other person wants to do it a different way. We tried to work with it, change for it but still it did not get any better (Nok starts crying). We talk about it, argue about it and we're tired that we have to live on like this. However, a part of me admits that I don't want to go because if I do leave then I will miss him'' (cries).

Did you Nok ask to break up with him first or did Vee?

"Like I said, we are both tired. I left but he didn't come after me so after I left for awhile ad I thought what now? He probably has the same mindset as me so we stopped talking. He gave me the option of being a friend and we can still talk and ask for advices just not as boyfriend/girlfriend. If you ask if I still love him, yes I do but I have to accept the situation since we talked already and decided that this will be the best".

Do you still miss him or like when you see something that reminds you of Vee?

"Everything that is associated with him, I can't trash (tears fall) as long as we still have good feelings towards one another, I will keep them all".


sarNie Adult
aww vee's interview is so cute. hes all real and straight up about it =) i love vee <3
its okay. i'm sure they'll be better off alone ;D


sarNie Adult
lol....i liked how u guys gave me a whole buncha lakorns where nok was in but i've never seen ne of themm....HOWEVER, i did see a bit of dung duang haruthai...n now i realize who she i knew she looked familar..she's pretty tho


sarNie OldFart
Yes she is nina :D

Nok's intereview made me teary, geesh This break up of there's was really harsh and sad most couples relationships aren't even as true as Nok and Vee :(

This is too heartbreaking to hear.


sarNie Hatchling
It's sad to hear that they broke up....In a way it is good that it happened now instead of when they are marry. Hope the best for both of them.


Mama Noy ♥️
yesh!!! finally! :dude: :clap: i'm not a fan of Nok.

Vee is on the market again! wahoo!! Since my Ken is off the market... i'll go after Vee! ^_^ :wub:


sarNie Granny
:loool: ohit......ur funny...
*sighs* well, that was some sad stuff....hope they find someone new...sad...they're one of the cute celebrity couples too...:(


sarNie Hatchling
i hope vee will stay in shape
i remember reading or watching an interview where nok said she made sure he ate properly and stuff
like she kept him in shape?


Mama Noy ♥️
i hope vee will stay in shape
i remember reading or watching an interview where nok said she made sure he ate properly and stuff
like she kept him in shape?
oh my goodness... did she really??? i hope Vee stays in shape for his own sake too!