What happen to Joy Siriluk??


sarNie OldFart
I know she no longer has a contract w/ch3...and I heard about her "Political" view causing issue...
Is she retired from acting?? Thanks


Staff member
I don't think she's officially retired, I think she's still a free agent.  The last I heard was that she recently got her BA/Masters or something.. because I saw graduating pics and congratulatory comments for her.  And she is active in the political issue in Thailand right now too.. (but I'm not too keen on the issue).  She also had a recent fan meeting too.
I do wish she'll return though, since she had always been one of my favorite older generation actress.


sarNie OldFart
same here...I was watching her old lakorn Jenjira and miss seeing her....
1 of my fav. actress...she can sign and act...hope she come back as well...i Can care less about Political SH*T....acting is acting has nothing to do w/that (I know ppl complain about it, her being vocal about it)


sarNie Adult
I heard that she was not hired anymore because she joined the red shirt. Most daras who join red shirt are not offer anymore role in lakorn.


sarNie OldFart
A political party...they suppose to stand against the corruption. .? Something like that