Who is your favorite actor/actress in the Hmong community?


sarNie Hatchling
actually i dont think hnub lis can act all that good..like she is good but u can tell shes faking especially when shes talking "nicely"..like her voice sounds hecka fake..
i think my favorite will b txiaj yaj (not sure if thats how u spell her name).but shes the girl that acts with xab too..i think she can act really good


sarNie Hatchling
Hnub Lis
her acting is good
her crying scene are very convincing

Xab thoj
hahaha his crying scene are good too and his acting looks natural

Txiab that other girl with Xab
even though sometimes her acting annoys me but i think its just her character

Jai Money!
OMO i love this guy! he can play funny and then cool guys too

and OMO
umm whats his name that Facker Guy haha i love his acting
i met in in thailand


sarNie OldFart
Hnub and Txaib are probably my favorites? Although I'm not a hmong fan, lolz. :p But they're really adorable, cute and pretty. I can be able to watch them even if in super corny lame movies. -.-


sarNie Granny
love the girl from nkauj hli txoj hmoo...she's cute n lovely...hnub lis...she cry like smiling/laughing....n she talk weird...


sarNie Adult
darn, this is what i get for not knowing how to write in hmoob.

Xab Thoj, cause he's freaken funny.
i never thought there was a hmoob guy as funny as him.
and i think his sense of humor makes him really handsome looking sometimes.

that one cute guy... TXA Thoj. (sound it out)
but i heard he got locked up for drugs? mai roo.

Luj Yaj. original on the scene.
Der Thoj. classic hmoob beauty and great actress too.
her look is that mature beauty. i like that.

Nam Pa.
Poj N... the mean actress that is good at being mean and fights.
Mai Pov. superb!


sarNie Adult
i like Txhaj Hawj his acting isnt bad but sometimes he does this thing around his lips and it kinda bothers me. lol...plus his voice is great! =)


Staff member
big xab thoj fan : XAB THOJ
he can act both drama/comedy
talent in singing both white/green dialects
compose cool music score ^^

Me me (Txhiab) & Hnub
these two ladies gave off good chemistry with xab
their acting are good -- i super like them too.


wow, this is AWESOME!
i love that guy up there too!
he is one of the most entertaining and funny guy!:) hahahhaa