sarNie Egg
Hello everybody,
i sell lakorns, series and dramas in khmer dubbed, it's original set not copy and i live in France the shipping is free for people who live in France and for international (US etc), u have to add around 4 euros the first item and 1 euro for additional item.If you buy more than 80euros you will get free shipping.
Here my new website, im new so there is not a lot of lakorn yet so u can email me or pm me to ask for lakorns, series or dramas that u want and i will try to get them for u...u can leave a message on my website, hope to see u soon! :D thank you!


sarNie Egg
hello how come u can't get it?i wonder if the site its working because when i click on the link its working! and for pong lakorn in thai i can't get the original set, it's copy!sorry
it's alrite but when i click it it kinda not really show up at all....