Your favourite n’ek out of these…

Who is your favourite actress?

  • Aom

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  • Ann

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  • Aum

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  • Kob

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  • Noon

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sarNie Oldmaid
My fav. actress is Aom Phiyada..she's amazingly talented and adorable...eheeheehe..and i tink she has the cutest voice ever!!

but heck! this list is almost to scary to look at...these are THE FIVE..the top 5 actress of thailand...


One Of Kob Big Fan
have a look this topic but not vote...even i don't vote but people are know my vote will go to who. all kob's fans don't need to vote. lol


sarNie Oldmaid
i say Aom too. .she's cute adorable petite young looking. she has a small kidish cute voice and love her acting especially the scenes she cried she's one of the few nang aeks that look pretty and cute when they cry,she make me cry a long with her, and she look cute with all the pra aeks that she pair up with too. yep of all the actress that was mention i watch Aom la korns the most.


sarNie Adult
i would have to say... aom phiyada.
i think she acts sooooo good.
she cries so sad and touching.
real acting.

and she's the one i watch more too.
im not too familiar with the others.
so. yah.
but im sure the others are good too.


which ann are ya'll talkin bout? lol if its Ann Alisha then i vote her if not i vote Aom