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  • Hi 2011,
    Welcome to Asianfuse. Hope you enjoy this as we have...lol...anyway like what Maiko said you need help on something feel free to ask. ^^
    Oh yeah...if you have any questions about AsianFuse and need any help, please feel free to ask me. I'll help you as best as I can; that's what friends are for! =D
    Hey, hi there! Aw, thank you for adding me as a friend! I'm honored and happy to be friends with you! :) Welcome to AsianFuse, dear! My name's Maiko :D. (You don't have to tell me your name; I just wanted to let you know mine ;D). Always so nice to make a new friend. =)
    Hi and welcome to Asianfuse! Great to have you here! Thanks for posting the lyrics link on KT page. =)
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