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  • Heyy! Ann was voted #1 favorite n'ek this year? I'm Soo happy is there a link or video??
    Heyy! Ann was voted #1 favorite n'ek this year? I'm Soo happy is there a link or video??
    Hi Dila! I havent had much time to read, but i am hoping to start on 'You Belong To Me' sometime this week. Im going crazy waiting for the next chapter of 'Unwanted Wife' !! Ok i'll add you ja!
    Oo cant wait to read those too! You're a true Anne fan! Haha. Yea i watch a lot of lakorns but Anne lakorns are my favorite!
    I'm a lazy reader too, but i'm hooked on Anne and Denis now! Yes, suksuk is a great writer! Very good plot and details. Im trying to finish 'One Night Sin' first, then read the others...thanks!
    OMG dila, i love 'Unwanted Wife' ! i can't believe there's only like 3 chapters so far, i'm sooo anticipating it!! so i've been reading 'One Night Sin' super good!! i'm half way through that fanfic!
    Ahaha yeah no problem! Miss talking to you and the other ladies on KA thread and googling all over KA sweet scenes. lol good times! ;D lol
    Happy Birthday :D
    May Your day be filled with Ann & Ken! Lol
    Hope you had a Great and Fun one! ♥
    Take Care!
    rewatch 365 Wan Hang Ruk again..i'm blushing everytime i watch Ken-Anne scene!!
    Mee tOO!! I Love them sooo much!!
    especially that bathroom scene, the first time i watch it i couldn't even open both of my eyes lol, i got shy watching that scene lol. but the next morning in bed scene, they were so sweet that i have to open both of my eyes so wide haha
    u know what, come to think about that, everytime i rewatch that scene i can't even look straight into their faces lol, especially Ann, she look so shy while Ken was just like cool w/ everything, he seem to be so comfortable lol, it like he really enjoy it especially the part where he use his hand to touch her face while she was massage his temples lol
    i miss my ANNE.T...when we gonna hear her new lakorn..She's the only one that make me hook to Thai lakorn.
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